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Transcendental Meditation Drastically Turns Life Around For Veteran With PTSD

March 15, 2012

Transcendental Meditation Drastically Turns Life Around For Veteran With PTSD

Posted on March 15, 2012 by admin

David George Uses the Power Within for PTSD Stress Relief

By Christine Leccese

At first glance, David George’s story sounds similar to many service members returning from Iraq or Afghanistan. While deployed in Iraq, he witnessed and was part of a traumatic event. His compound was car bombed and about 50 people were injured. And he saw it all. About a year after returning home, he was anxious, depressed, drank a lot, and prone to recklessness. His life was spinning out of control. The rest of David’s story, however, is different than that of many returning veterans with PTSD, and one that Operation Warrior Wellness made possible for him.

After returning from Iraq, the barracks’ normal sounds would make David’s heart pound. A slamming door or artillery practice in the distance could cause him to panic. The smell of burning rubber could take him right back to the war. Stopping at a red light at night? Forget it. That made him feel like a sitting target. He describes the keyed up feeling he had day and night: “You know that feeling you have just before a race? That jittery feeling? I had that all the time.”

David sought help from a bottle  — Jack Daniels and whiskey could bring him a little relief, but that, of course, brought its own problems. He had several car crashes, and didn’t care whether he lived or died. His mother was frantic and said she woke up every morning not knowing whether her son would be dead or alive. Relationships and lost jobs were casualties of David’s PTSD. He wanted it to stop so he sought help. The VA was treating him with medication, but it wasn’t making a difference for David.

Here’s where David’s story takes a twist. One day, while listening to the radio in between classes, he heard an ad for a research study that was looking at the effects of transcendental meditation on PTSD. Someone had told him about TM a year or so earlier, but he could not afford to take the classes to learn how to do it. He jumped at the chance to be part of the research study, and signed up.

The first time he practiced TM, he noticed that for that 20 minutes he was free of anxiety. He started looking forward to the next day’s practice knowing that he would have another 20 minutes without anxiety. Then, the calm that he felt during his TM practice started seeping into other parts of his day. Eventually, David’s symptoms subsided.  He credits it all to TM.

“The first time I meditated, I experienced this relief from the constant anxiety attack my life had become,” David said. “You have to give yourself a chance to make yourself feel better, because no one else is going to do it for you.”

David says that he will never stop meditating. “I’m so happy and I’ll never stop. It has this compounding effect and gets better every day.”  Today, David meditates for about 20 minutes twice a day. If he is stressed about something, he’ll do a little 10-minute meditation. When he sits up in bed in the morning, he meditates, and also if he has any other opportunities, such as sitting in the waiting room of a doctor’s office. Transcendental meditation turned David’s life around, and could be a great option for other people with PTSD. If you are wondering whether your own symptoms are likely a result of PTSD, depression, anxiety, or alcohol use, you can take a free, anonymous screening. Service members who want to learn more about TM can check out Operation Warrior Wellness.

Christine Leccese is the marketing and communications manager for Military Pathways.

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Free Your Mind Project Show Discusses the David Lynch Foundation’s Commitment to 10,000 Vets

January 15, 2012

David Lynch Foundation’s Commitment to 10,000 Vets and 8 Easy Ways Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Work for Real Happiness

Here’s another Free Your Mind Projects On Air Radio Show on Transcendental Meditation and the David Lynch Foundation’s work with Veterans. Guests include longtime Teacher of Transcendental Meditation, Denny Goodman, and Veteran Infantryman David George. You can hear them on the 3rd and 4th segments of this 55:24 minute show. Information about this FYMP show is copied below from their post.

We have had the honor of inviting the people over at the David Lynch Foundation onto our show again. Thanks to Ken Chawkin and Lynn Kaplan, who both set us up with one of their great Transcendental Meditation (TM) teachers, Denny Goodman, and also a US veteran, David George, who has been to hell and back. Listen as they talk about how TM has helped soldiers recover from PTSD, and how they are committed to helping 10,000 Vets across the country. We also have a clip of our interview with David Lynch at his past event. Also thanks to our guest host from LA County Department of Mental Health, PIO Kathleen Piche´, for getting us in touch with TM!

This is the video that we talk about on the show, which has David and his mother talking about his ups and downs and finally his recovery.

Please note, our guest stated the way to make this kind of therapy available for all Veterans across the country who may be coming back with conditions such as PTSD (that’s about 500,000 vets!), is to have them tell the Veteran’s Administration they want this for everyone. Please, if you know a Vet, let them know this is available and to reach out to the VA and the David Lynch Foundation. Thank you.

Here is the link for Operation Warrior Wellness, the David Lynch Foundation division that is offering Transcendental Meditation to Veterans:

You can find the printed version of previous Free Your Mind Projects Radio Show Guest Dr. William Arroyo from LACDMH and Project ABC’s “8 Easy Ways to do Your New Year’s Resolutions” on our Free Your Mind Blog.

I checked their blog posts and found 3 so far on Transcendental Meditation. Click here, scroll down and you’ll see 3 entries on the 7th of Oct, Nov, and Dec. Also listen to a previous show: Bob Roth, Executive Director, David Lynch Foundation, Discusses Transcendental Meditation On Free Your Mind Projects Radio Show.

Replay of David Lynch Foundation Launch of Operation Warrior Wellness Los Angeles

December 2, 2011

Watch Replay of Launch of Operation Warrior Wellness Los Angeles

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News coverage: The Associated Press: The Washington Post: David Lynch donates $1 million in grants through his foundation to teach veterans to meditate | CBS NEWS: David Lynch gives $1M to teach vets meditation | and many more. Related: The Case for Using Transcendental Meditation to Treat Combat Related PTSD.

Watch the entire Operation Warrior Wellness press conference – Los Angeles launch, Dec 2011 then watch the Third Annual David Lynch Foundation Benefit Gala. See Ellen DeGeneres and Russell Brand raise awareness about TM for overcoming traumatic stress.

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