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2 Responses to “Follow Me on Twitter”

  1. Donna Sturm Says:

    Ken, I just got this forwarded to me by a friend. SO special to get it, because you knew me as Donna Ayling, married to Bill and we taught TM with you and Toba in Kamloops, BC! Such a beautiful blog, Ken. Thrilled to be surprised by it’s author.

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  2. Ken Chawkin Says:

    Hi Donna! What particularly was forwarded to you? Now I remember your last name. Yes, of course, who can forget those days when the four of us taught TM together in Kamloops! Deborah, who was later married to Bill, or William as he was later known, sent me some photos from that time of the 4 of us. Did you see them? Were you at his memorial celebration on Zoom? I know your name was mentioned. Email me and I’ll send them to you.


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