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Free Your Mind Project Show Discusses the David Lynch Foundation’s Commitment to 10,000 Vets

January 15, 2012

David Lynch Foundation’s Commitment to 10,000 Vets and 8 Easy Ways Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Work for Real Happiness

Here’s another Free Your Mind Projects On Air Radio Show on Transcendental Meditation and the David Lynch Foundation’s work with Veterans. Guests include longtime Teacher of Transcendental Meditation, Denny Goodman, and Veteran Infantryman David George. You can hear them on the 3rd and 4th segments of this 55:24 minute show. Information about this FYMP show is copied below from their post.

We have had the honor of inviting the people over at the David Lynch Foundation onto our show again. Thanks to Ken Chawkin and Lynn Kaplan, who both set us up with one of their great Transcendental Meditation (TM) teachers, Denny Goodman, and also a US veteran, David George, who has been to hell and back. Listen as they talk about how TM has helped soldiers recover from PTSD, and how they are committed to helping 10,000 Vets across the country. We also have a clip of our interview with David Lynch at his past event. Also thanks to our guest host from LA County Department of Mental Health, PIO Kathleen Piche´, for getting us in touch with TM!

This is the video that we talk about on the show, which has David and his mother talking about his ups and downs and finally his recovery.

Please note, our guest stated the way to make this kind of therapy available for all Veterans across the country who may be coming back with conditions such as PTSD (that’s about 500,000 vets!), is to have them tell the Veteran’s Administration they want this for everyone. Please, if you know a Vet, let them know this is available and to reach out to the VA and the David Lynch Foundation. Thank you.

Here is the link for Operation Warrior Wellness, the David Lynch Foundation division that is offering Transcendental Meditation to Veterans:

You can find the printed version of previous Free Your Mind Projects Radio Show Guest Dr. William Arroyo from LACDMH and Project ABC’s “8 Easy Ways to do Your New Year’s Resolutions” on our Free Your Mind Blog.

I checked their blog posts and found 3 so far on Transcendental Meditation. Click here, scroll down and you’ll see 3 entries on the 7th of Oct, Nov, and Dec. Also listen to a previous show: Bob Roth, Executive Director, David Lynch Foundation, Discusses Transcendental Meditation On Free Your Mind Projects Radio Show.

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