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Celebrities Russell Brand @rustyrockets, @CameronDiaz, @katyperry, and War Veterans Praise #TranscendentalMeditation

June 23, 2017

Here are 3 videos of well-known celebrities Russell Brand, Cameron Diaz, and Katy Perry praising the Transcendental Meditation technique. Veterans Paul Downs and Dusty Baxley join Katy Perry and Bob Roth to discuss how TM saved their lives from the destructive effects of PTSD. Also included is a 4th video—Paul’s powerful testimonial before the U.S. House of Representatives for the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs on the benefits of Transcendental Meditation healing his post-traumatic stress.

Russell Brand on Transcendental Meditation

Last month, comedian, actor, and best-selling author Russell Brand, along with David Lynch Foundation CEO Bob Roth, were invited to Talks at Google: Russell Brand & Bob Roth: “Meditation, Comedy, New Fatherhood, Recovery, and Life.”

Brand has been practicing Transcendental Meditation for nearly 10 years. He says the technique has been instrumental in fostering creativity, appreciating fatherhood, and maintaining his recovery from addiction. Roth, a 45-year TM teacher, taught Russell to meditate and the two remain close friends.

Bob and Russell discussed the benefits of practicing Transcendental Meditation, how TM has personally helped Russell, and what the David Lynch Foundation is doing to bring meditation to people suffering from stress and trauma. Russell is funny and eloquent throughout, and concludes with a powerful explanation of how change comes about in society, through the power of ideas, and not from the top down, but from the grassroots up. Listen, learn, and enjoy!

Cameron Diaz on Transcendental Meditation

Below is a video with Cameron Diaz on OWN’s Oprah Online. Published last July, Diaz shares what TM means to her and how it brings wholeness to her life, especially after a long hot day on a film set. I haven’t seen Oprah’s interview with her, but the text mentions that day. Cameron had told DLF CEO Bob Roth about it over two years earlier during an interview at an event sponsored by Urban Zen. Funds were being raised to support the Foundation’s efforts to bring relief to veterans and their families suffering from the effects of PTSD with scholarships for TM courses.

Bob Roth: “Tell us about the time when you were filming and it was hot and you couldn’t remember..”

Cameron Diaz: “I was doing a film and we had been filming in Boston and we came to LA for a week. We went from the Fall, nice and cozy, to LA which was about 90 degrees in the valley at the zoo, parking lot, under a tent, in a car, under lights, with the windows up, no air conditioning. It was about 1000 degrees in the car, and I had a monologue and I couldn’t remember my lines. I knew I knew them; I couldn’t access them.”

“So I said, I need 25 minutes, I just need 25 minutes. I ran back to my trailer and I re-booted and did my 20 minute meditation. I came back in and nailed it! Done. Thank you very much. And we were out of there in like 20 minutes.”

I enjoyed her description of what she loves about TM in that interview. And the metaphor she intelligently uses to describe the power of TM in this video from the OWN show, Cameron Diaz: This is Why Meditation is So Powerful, is creative and brilliant!

This month put up a great post on Cameron Diaz and TM.

Katy Perry on Transcendental Meditation

A week later TMhome posted Katy Perry speaks with veterans about the healing effects of TM on her Witness World Wide video marathon. Katy also spoke earlier with Bob Roth about TM, which starts at 6:45. Roth arrives with MTV and E! News host Zuri Hall who wanted to ask Katy and Bob about TM. Katy tells Zuri that she learned TM from Bobby during her wedding to Russell Brand, which took place in India. The marriage didn’t last, but she continued to meditate. Katy told her she gets her best ideas after meditation.

Katy tries to live her life from love, not fear. TM has done this for her. This idea is more profoundly explained by veterans Paul Downs and Dusty Baxley who later join Katy and Bob after Zuri leaves. Dusty is the executive director of the Boulder Crest Retreat and a TM teacher. He taught Paul to meditate. They actually all meditate together for 20 minutes, which you can see in this clip taken from the 72-hour live-streaming launch for Katy’s new album.

Marine Veteran Paul Downs on Transcendental Meditation

Marine Veteran Paul Downs also testified before the U.S. House of Representatives for the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs on the benefits of Transcendental Meditation healing his post-traumatic stress. This video is borrowed from the David Lynch Foundation Facebook page.

For more information on Transcendental Meditation and the David Lynch Foundation, visit and


Soledad O’Brien interviews Russell Simmons and Bob Roth of the David Lynch Foundation on TM for Vets with PTS on CNN’s Starting Point

November 12, 2012

Soledad O’Brien interviews Bob Roth and Russell Simmons on Starting Point

This morning, November 12, 2012, in honor of Veterans Day, CNN’s Starting Point news anchor Soledad O’Brien interviewed Russell Simmons and Bob Roth of the David Lynch Foundation. They talked about the successful use of Transcendental Meditation (TM) in healing veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress. Click on the title to see the (3:41) clip from the interview Vets find wellness in meditation. The show airs weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. ET.

Bob Roth and Russell Simmons

Hip-hop founder, fashion designer and philanthropist Russell Simmons is on the board of The David Lynch Foundation. Bob Roth, a 40-year teacher of Transcendental Meditation, is the executive director of the David Lynch Foundation and president of Operation Warrior Wellness, the newest division to bring relief to veterans and their families suffering from PTS, and to develop greater resilience in cadets at military colleges.

Soledad O’Brien, anchor of CNN’s morning news program Starting Point

Bob Roth described the benefits veterans were experiencing with Transcendental Meditation. Soledad O’Brien enthusiastically said, “What a great gift for Veterans’ Day, when you think about it. I mean if you can give some peace of mind and some calmness in dealing with some of the terrible things they experienced.”

Soldiers practicing Transcendental Meditation

Bob mentioned DLF working with the VA, the Wounded Warrior Project and many military bases. He also mentioned Norwich University, home to the oldest private military college in the nation, using TM to develop resiliency in their cadets. See the Norwich University video Meditation Improves Performance at Military University.

Research shows reductions in anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, post-traumatic stress, substance abuse and heart disease. One study showed a 50 percent reduction in PTS symptoms within 1-2 months. See Veterans show a 50 percent reduction in PTSD symptoms after 8 weeks of Transcendental Meditation. See this video of Norwich University Professor Carol Bandy presenting findings of TM on resilience and psychological hardiness in cadets and veterans.

Here is the latest video of veterans discussing their PTS experiences and relief with Transcendental Meditation: Training from the Inside: Treating PTSD with TM.  Click on the titles listed at the end of that post to see other videos and articles on this subject. Also see video highlights of the Iowa Veterans Summit – PTSD and Transcendental Meditation.

And here is the full CNN interview now available on YouTube.

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