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Connie Boyer of Opening Fairfield Doors interviews Jerry Yellin at Fairfield Media Center

July 26, 2012

Opening Fairfield Doors with Connie Boyer. In Episode 5, Connie talks with WWII Captain (Ret) Jerry Yellin about his war experiences, his feeling lost after the war, multiple jobs, learning the Transcendental Meditation technique, which helped him get his life back, and his eventual return visit to Japan with his wife, Helene. They liked it so much they sent their son, Robert, to visit Japan after graduating from high school. He ended up teaching English in Japan and never came back. He married a Japanese girl, which forced Jerry to reconcile with his enemy, now family.

Jerry Yellin wrote several award-winning books about his experiences in Of War and Weddings, The Blackened Canteen, The Letter, and The Resilient Warrior: Healing the Hidden Wounds of War. Today Jerry is co-director of Operation Warrior Wellness.

Last year he read about Luke Jensen’s battle with PTSD after returning from Afghanistan, and offered him a scholarship from the David Lynch Foundation to learn Transcendental Meditation. It transformed his life.

Now Jerry and Luke are offering an open forum to all Iowa veterans and their families to learn TM and get their lives back. See the articles and videos listed below for more information.

Those interested in attending the forum, Healing the Hidden Wounds of War, this Saturday, July 28, 2 pm, at the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center, can register at

Published on Jul 23, 2012 by FFMediaCenter 

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For more information on Robert Yellin in Japan: Takumi is not ‘lost in translation’ in this beautiful film about Japan’s diverse artisan tradition

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