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The GQ Guide to Transcendental Meditation: The Totally Stressed-Out Man’s Guide to Meditation

September 10, 2013

The GQ Guide to Transcendental Meditation


Men’s Lives

The Totally Stressed-Out Man’s Guide to Meditation

by Josh Dean | Illustrations by Brian Cronin | September 2013

The most successful, innovative men alive do it. Overworked, very, very busy (and insanely rich) hedge-fund managers swear by it. So the question is: Should you cross your legs, close your eyes, and join in?  Read more >

This is the best no-nonsense, hip, informed article on Transcendental Meditation I have ever come across. See “6 Things TM Can Make You Better At” on page 1, listing  what TM will do for busy execs, including the results of a school project implemented by the David Lynch Foundation.

Check out The Tree of Ommmm on page 2 of the 3-page article, which has a chart with pictures of Maharishi to Paul McCartney representing The Beatles, to two levels of Celebrities with David Lynch as guru to the stars. Click on the picture and it will enlarge so you can see and read it better. I also added this comment posted there. GQ also embedded the video described in the comment with the link.

There’s a great video of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi giving a brief answer about what TM is and how it is taught. You won’t won’t find a reference that gives more insight into the technique itself and the teaching methodology used to teach it than this: Mantra and Transcendental Meditation explained by Maharishi.

To see what the whole article looks like with the illustrations, pick up a copy of the magazine, otherwise see it online by clicking on the title. Here is a scanned PDF of the article as it appears in the magazine. It’s an enjoyable read!

See a review of  “The Totally 
Man’s Guide 
to Meditation” on the TM Blog by Mario Orsatti.

This article was updated and republished Oct 18, 2016 with the same title, but a different comparison chart: GQ-The Totally Stressed-Out Man’s Guide to Meditation.

Also see Renowned (TM) meditation teacher Bob Roth featured on The Third Metric and HuffPost Live.

Watch David Lynch on Esquire Network, How I Rock It, talking about Transcendental Meditation, which contains a link to a lucid description of Josh Zabar’s experiences with TM: Daily Reset – A Look Into Transcendental Meditation.

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