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Sally’s Smile (Haiku for Nurse Dan)

September 23, 2011

Whenever Nurse Dan came into Sally’s room to dispense her meds, he would cheerfully call out her name and greet her with a big smile. We were always happy to see him and Sally would light up. Dan told us he was going to be leaving the facility to work at just his other job. But he added there was one thing he was going to miss around here, and that was Sally’s smile. Sally does have a beautiful smile, and I thought that was a great title for a poem. So as soon as Dan left the room I wrote this haiku and dedicated it to him. The first two lines came easily, but I had to think about what was really going on when Sally smiled at someone who acknowledged her. She watched me writing and saying it to myself. When I read it to her, she quietly said, “Thank you.”

Sally’s Smile
(Haiku for Nurse Dan)

Flooded with Sunshine
From the Glow of Sally’s Smile
You Know Your Own Worth

© Ken Chawkin
September 22, 2011
In the presence of my muse,
Sali M. Peden

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