Sweet Haiku for Sali

Sweet Haiku for Sali

Dancing eyes of light
A smile of pure delight
That’s my Sali gal

© Ken Chawkin
November 19, 2011
Fairfield, Iowa

See: Haiku For Sali, Hoku For SaliSally’s Smile (Haiku for Nurse Dan), and Haiku for Sali II and Haiku Muse.

3 Responses to “Sweet Haiku for Sali”

  1. Haiku for Sali II and Haiku Muse « The Uncarved Blog Says:

    […] consciousness & enlightenment « Oprah meditates with ladies in MUM Golden Dome Sweet Haiku for Sali […]


  2. carol olicker Says:

    ken thank you for the light from your radiant heart..lights up mine

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sally’s Smile (Haiku for Nurse Dan) | The Uncarved Blog Says:

    […] see: Sweet Haiku for Sali | Haiku For Sali | Hoku […]


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