Sali’s Nature

While feeding Sali lunch yesterday I would joke and make her smile and laugh. It was sweet. No matter how lousy I was feeling before, she made me feel better. I told her she had a happy heart and a blissful soul, and thanked her for making me feel happier. That’s when I wrote the first two lines. I thought about it some more and the next day when I came in to feed her, the last two lines came out spontaneously. She is my muse. Even though Sali is severely compromised on so many levels, she still maintains her inner nature, an inspiration to us all!

Sally has a happy heart
And a deeply blissful soul
When she laughs it all comes out
Leaving me smiling and whole

© Ken Chawkin
August 7, 2015
Fairfield, Iowa

Also see Sally’s Smile (Haiku for Nurse Dan) and Tanka For Sali Upholding Her Wonderful Nature.

4 Responses to “Sali’s Nature”

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    […] feeding Sali lunch today I whispered in her ear that she radiates goodness and joy. It is her inner nature. It shows in her smile, no matter what changes she’s going through with the illness. Whether […]


  4. For Us—a tanka honoring Sali and what we shared | The Uncarved Blog Says:

    […] Sali never lost her sense of humor. Years later, when she could no longer speak, she would still smile and giggle, bringing joy to some of the nurses and aides who looked after her. Her inner nature remained the same; it was always uplifting to be with her. […]


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