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ET Canada correspondent and Radio host Roz Weston says Transcendental Meditation made him a better broadcaster

August 17, 2015

ET Canada correspondent and Radio host Roz Weston shares how Transcendental Meditation helped him become a better professional broadcaster. Roz Weston first learned broadcasting while interning with the Howard Stern Show. “The lesson that I took away from that is that success at that level is about being professional.” Today he co-hosts his own morning show on Toronto’s KISS 92.5 FM and interviews many top celebrities for ET Canada.

Read this Special to The Globe and Mail: Radio host Roz Weston finds success in meditation and professionalism. I really enjoyed this article. It’s filled with sound professional advice and tips on how to be an authentic interviewer. And for someone who works 13-hour days, it also says a lot about the sustaining power of Transcendental Meditation! The article was published Sunday, Aug. 16, 2015. I posted the introduction and the section on his TM practice. ET Canada posted this on their YouTube Channel: Roz Weston: Behind The Story.

Roz Weston ET Canada

As a correspondent on ET Canada, Roz Weston has interviewed A-listers like George Clooney and It Girls like Amy Schumer. When he’s not working the red carpet, the former Howard Stern intern is the co-host of Kiss 92.5 radio morning show The Roz and Mocha Show. It’s a hectic schedule, which is why Weston takes twenty minutes out of every day to meditate. Here, he shares some of the secrets to his success, including why he would happily interview Alec Baldwin every day.

The secret to boundless energy in 20 minutes

A few years ago I was feeling very overwhelmed by the pace of my life and the responsibilities I had. I was looking for something and I didn’t know what. I heard about Transcendental Meditation [a form of “relaxed awareness” meditation founded by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the mid-1950s and practiced by notables such as Jerry Seinfeld and Oprah Winfrey] from a friend. I’m not a religious person at all, so it was nothing to do with that. It was first described to me as yoga for your mind. You shut everything down, you go deep and when you come out of it you have so much energy. It is a literal recharge. In the middle of the day when we all break for lunch, my colleagues all go to the cafeteria and I go to my dressing room and meditate for 20 minutes and then I’m good to go. A 13-hour workday with five hours’ sleep is not a problem. It’s not like the kind of meditation where you sit cross-legged and clear your head of all thoughts. Thoughts come into your head and they sit there and you let them go and you go deeper and deeper. I now have  the ability to deal with issues, thoughts, information so much more effectively than I did before. I no longer feel overwhelmed. I used to feel overwhelmed every second of the day.

Read the rest of this excellent article filled with some solid career advice:

The Back Story and More

Roz had a desire to learn about Transcendental Meditation and wasn’t sure how to do it properly. So, in September 2013, they welcomed the most calm relaxing guest in Roz & Mocha history! They interviewed actor, comedian, and Certified Toronto TM teacher Lucie Guest about Transcendental Meditation on KiSS 92.5.

As you just read, Roz did finally learn TM and benefited greatly from it. This June, he was invited to meet Amy Schumer, Judd Apatow, Dave Attell, Vanessa Bayer, Mike Birbiglia, and Colin Quinn—members of the TrainWreck Comedy Tour who were performing at Massey Hall. They were donating VIP tickets to the David Lynch Foundation to help bring Transcendental Meditation to at-risk teens and abused women who suffer from trauma and toxic stress. Roz also met with DLF Executive Director Bob Roth.

Speaking of Alec Baldwin, you can listen to him on his WNYC talk show, Here’s The Thing, asking Jerry Seinfeld how he found out about and learned Transcendental Meditation.

And since Roz interned at The Howard Stern Show, you may also enjoy eavesdropping on Howard and Jerry sharing their own TM stories. They seemed to have learned around the same time on Long Island. Much to Jerry’s surprise, Howard shares with him how his mother’s life was turned around after learning TM, how she took him to the local Center to learn to meditate, and how Howard had actually interviewed Maharishi twice. Fabulous!

Alec Baldwin asks Jerry Seinfeld about learning Transcendental Meditation on Here’s The Thing

October 20, 2013

HerestheThing_web_header_alt3Monday, October 14, 2013 | Episode #52 | Jerry Seinfeld
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 Jerry Seinfeld (Jason Sheldon)

Jerry Seinfeld (Jason Sheldon)

This month, Alec Baldwin sat down with comedian Jerry Seinfeld for his show, Here’s The Thing, which airs on WNYC. Jerry had debuted on HBO in 1981, the same year he first appeared on Johnny Carson. Jerry Seinfeld was 27 years old.

Seinfeld’s material stood out. It wasn’t about his upbringing or personal relationships. It was about our universal experience of small things. Eight years after his HBO debut, he and Larry David created a weekly series that changed both their lives. After Seinfeld ran for nine seasons, Seinfeld went back to stand-up, and to his audience. As he explains to Alec, Seinfeld feels uniquely connected to his fans: “You have this relationship with the audience that is private between you and them. Critics want to write, people want to talk. We have our own thing that nobody can break … once you build that it can’t be broken by outside forces.”

In the closing segment (last 3 minutes) Alec asks Jerry about meditation, how and when he learned it. Here’s that section of the transcript:

Alec Baldwin: Jerry Seinfeld has meditated for over four decades and it shows. He says it makes stress float away. I wanted to find out more about Jerry and meditation. So I called him.

Jerry Seinfeld: Transcendental Meditation, that’s what I do. TM.

Alec Baldwin: And how long have you been doing that?

Jerry Seinfeld: Since ’72.

Alec Baldwin: So when did that come into your life? You like saw a billboard when you were at the Long Island Railroad station?

Jerry Seinfeld: Yeah, I saw a flyer in the union at Oswego State University, where I was enrolled.

Alec Baldwin: Seriously?

Jerry Seinfeld: Because I couldn’t take senior year anymore so I left high school six months early, got into college, and left in the middle of senior year. Now I know you didn’t do that.

Alec Baldwin: No.

Jerry Seinfeld: Because you were handsome and the girls were hanging off of you, and senior year was fantastic for you. That’s what I know.

Alec Baldwin: Yeah. It was a vending machine of women. It was just endless.

Jerry Seinfeld: I know. Well it wasn’t like that for me, buddy boy. So I thought I gotta get out of here, and start a new life with people that don’t know me. So I went to Oswego and while I was there, now remember this is still in the flora and fauna of 60s experimentalism, so Transcendental Meditation, somebody told me about it, I don’t remember who. And I thought, well let me see what that’s about and I went to this thing and I learned the technique. It cleared up my acne immediately, I had this great energy and focus, and I’ve been doing it the rest of my life.

Alec Baldwin: So you sound, when you say you learned the technique, and it cleared up your acne, and your energy and focus, it sounds like you ultimately had the sex that had been evading you up until then, before you went to Oswego.

Jerry Seinfeld: That’s correct.

Alec Baldwin: So the TM was really a pathway to sex, correct?

Jerry Seinfeld: What isn’t?

Alec Baldwin: How can I do it? Like where do you do it? Can you do it anywhere? Or do you have to be in a sacred space?

Jerry Seinfeld: You can do it anywhere.

Alec Baldwin: You can do it anywhere.

Jerry Seinfeld: I’m gonna get you doing it now.

Alec Baldwin: I want you to get me doing it.

Jerry Seinfeld: You’re my next victim.

Alec Baldwin: I want more energy, more focus, I want my acne to clear up.

Jerry Seinfeld: Well you don’t need, you can’t have more energy, you can’t even dispose of the energy that you have.

Alec Baldwin: It’s true. But it’s toxic energy. It’s more like a Chernobyl than it is a kind of a babbling brook.

Jerry Seinfeld: Ok, well this is a different, this is a nice energy, really nice. Here’s how I’ll describe it to you. You know how three times a year, you wake up and you go, ‘Boy, that was a really good sleep?’

Alec Baldwin: Yes!

Jerry Seinfeld: Imagine feeling like that every day.

Alec Baldwin: Oh my god!

Jerry Seinfeld: That’s what it is.

Alec Baldwin: Meditation. I gotta try that.

(And I have a feeling he just might.)

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