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Bob Roth Speaks at Maharishi School Graduation

August 6, 2011

Bob Roth, Vice President of the David Lynch Foundation, addresses students, parents, faculty and staff at the Maharishi School of Age of Enlightenment graduation on June 12, 2011 in Fairfield, Iowa. In his Commencement Address, Bobby shares a list of 10 ideas, or guidelines to live by to become a great person: 1) Meditate, 2) Be true to yourself. Think for yourself, 3) Energy is everything (fatigue is your enemy), 4) Live with conviction. Be persistent, 5) Be powerful. Be gentle (“It’s polite to apologize”), 6) Thank your teachers (Wisdom is priceless), 7) Love your parents (No one loves you more), 8) Truth triumphs, 9) You are the Master of your own destiny (Don’t complain), 10) Be happy. Enjoy your life! Bobby concludes his very inspiring talk, filled with wonderful stories, by reading a beautiful passage from the Talmud, given to him by Jane Pitt, who asked him to share it with the graduates. (Bobby is my hero!)

Video on the David Lynch Foundation

September 22, 2009

How David’s Foundation Started

This 3 minute video premiered at the “Change Begins Within” benefit concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on April 4th, 2009. The video provides a compelling introduction to the purpose and goal of the David Lynch Foundation, which is to provide scholarships for one million at-risk youth to meditate—students who are struggling to learn and live in an atmosphere of intense stress, disease, and violence.

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