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James McCartney sings new single ‘Wisteria’ on David Letterman and ABC NEWS What’s The Buzz

August 3, 2013

This is James McCartney’s second visit to David Letterman, a year and a half after his first performance on January 30, 2012 when he sang, ‘Angel’ accompanied by his band. See James McCartney sings Angel on David Letterman. This time, July 29, 2013, he appears by himself with an acoustic performance of his current single ‘Wisteria’.

James McCartney on What's the Buzz

James McCartney on ABC NEWS What’s The Buzz

The next morning, 7/30/2013, James appeared on ABC NEWS What’s the Buzz: James McCartney Proves Talent Runs Through Your Blood. Paul McCartney’s son debuts first album, reveals some inspiration came from The Beatles. ABC NEWS anchor Dan Kloeffler asks him about all the touring he’s been doing, how his music is being received, and his musical influences. The interview closes with James singing ‘Wisteria’.

James went on to play the Cutting Room later that night. See James McCartney brings music from “Me” to NYC’s Cutting Room.

James-meJames continues to prove his originality as a singer/songwriter and talented musician. He has a new CD out. Here is a music review by blogcritics : James McCartney – ‘Me’.

It’s not easy trying to carve out a career for yourself as the son of a Beatle, playing in the shadow of the most iconic musician on the planet. But he’s accepted it and is out there making music.

Father and son share a strong bond of love, and it’s only natural for Paul to want to help his son along the way.

James has a lot of integrity. We wish him continued growth and success. Enjoy the ride, James, you deserve it. You’re paying your dues, turning out honest sensitive music we’re all rocking to.

James McCartney sings Angel on David Letterman

January 31, 2012

Posted on James McCartney.

James appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman January 30, 2012. On that show Dave welcomed actress Jennifer Lopez, actor Rob Schneider from the CBS comedy series “Rob!”, and musical guest James McCartney. You can watch the full show here. ©CBS, All Rights Reserved.

James had played 2 days, Jan 23-24, at the Sundance Film Festival the previous week. Here he is drawing a picture of a fan and signing autographs after one of those concerts. He also played at the Viper Room after he appeared on GDLA. James made his US Television debut when he sang Angel on Good Day LA from his album “The Complete EP Collection.”

Awesome song! He played it for a few of us who were fortunate enough to see him on his first visit to Fairfield, and later on a David Lynch Weekend at the Sondheim Theater. You knew it was going to be a hit, and he was going to be a star. James is a quiet unassuming person, and a very talented young man. We wish him much success in his chosen career.

Here’s one of two photos of James at the Late Show rehearsal posted on his Facebook. You can follow James on Twitter @JamesMcCartney, and  visit the James McCartney Website:

See some earlier press coverage on James: Paul McCartney and Nancy show up to see James play, and surprise the small Brighton club audience | Audience Goes Wild for James McCartney | Paul McCartney’s son says he’s ready to follow in dad’s footsteps | McCartney wins over Fairfield audience in U.S. debut concert.

A year and a half later, July 29-30, 2013, James makes a return visit to Letterman. See James McCartney sings new single ‘Wisteri’ on David Letterman and ABC NEWS What’s The Buzz.

Audience Goes Wild for James McCartney

November 15, 2009
the hawk eye

This Burlington Hawk Eye article was picked up by NewsBlaze.

Audience Goes Wild for James McCartney

By Bob Saar

Rocker James McCartney played his U.S. debut last night at Fairfield’s new Sondheim Center. The two shows were part of the David Lynch Foundation’s fourth annual “Change Begins Within” weekend at Maharishi University.

McCartney, son of Beatle Paul, opened a three-ring musical circus that included Iowan Laura Dawn and folk legend Donovan.

“It’s very different having a famous father,” film director Lynch quipped when introducing McCartney. “My father was Elvis Presley.”

The audience, heavily weighted with aging ’60s boomers, went wild when the 32-year-old singer/guitarist walked on stage with Light, his band.

The four-piece slammed right into their first number as a video crew taped the show for the DLF Web site.

McCartney’s’ music was racy and frenetic, and the 400-plus seat Sondheim has well-designed acoustics that allowed the amps-on-stage rock band to deliver without overwhelming.

James looks a bit like Paul with a shaved head. Ah, those eyes. He is not left-handed, and he played a Fender Stratocaster given to him by Carl Perkins.

His voice was high and clear like his father’s, but at times, he sounded more like John Lennon when roughing things up.

“James has a way with melody and a set of pipes which are more than a match for his dad’s,” Lynch said.

His songwriting style has eerie nuances of the Beatles. “Spirit Guides,” featuring McCartney on piano, bore a haunting resemblance to “Lady Madonna.”

Every song charged ahead with strange melodies flavored with grunge, perhaps like Nirvana covering side two of Abbey Road, backed by the Ramones.

McCartney was stoic, mumbling only song titles between songs.

Laura Dawn and her New York blues-rock band Little Death came out blazing away and had the audience on its feet and dancing before their first song was 12 bars deep.

Dawn, a native of Pleasantville, is a stunning vocalist at the wheel of a powerhouse. She’s somewhat like Janice Joplin before the booze and cigarettes, or perhaps Martina McBride after a night of heavy pubcrawling.

Little Death and their sweetly trashed-out backup duo – the Death Threats – blasted the audience into happy submission, a road-and-bar band with a refined stage presence.

1960s legend Donovan closed the show with a set of hits, from “Catch the Wind” to “Sunshine Superman,” delivered in his trademark quavering voice. Donovan, along with the Beatles and the Beach Boys, brought Transcendental Meditation out of India into Western thought, which ultimately brought Fairfield to the forefront of the practice.

Little Death and the redressed and fully sequined Death Threats backed the folksinger for most of his set. The finale featured the entire cast, including McCartney, singing “Mellow Yellow” with Donovan and the crowd.

After the show, someone asked McCartney if he enjoyed playing in Iowa.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” the taciturn singer said. “Definitely.”


My Comment:

*WOW! Saar nailed it-every part of it! And the second set was even livelier. Donovan invited Fairfield guitarist Arthur Lee Land on stage for his last two finales, that had Dawn’s husband, lead guitarist Daron Murphy, trading solos with Lee Land, leading to a coherent close, which brought the audience to its feet. What a night! Thank you David Lynch and Fairfield!!


Other news coverage: McCartney wins over Fairfield audience in U.S. debut concert and Paul McCartney’s son says he’s ready to follow in dad’s footsteps. A few years later James McCartney sings Angel on David Letterman, and performed at the Sundance Film Festival. Enjoy this popular news story: Paul McCartney and Nancy show up to see James play, and surprise the small Brighton club audience.

Paul McCartney’s son says he’s ready to follow in dad’s footsteps

November 5, 2009

Paul McCartney’s son says he’s ready to follow in dad’s footsteps

November 4, 5:29 AMBeatles ExaminerSteve Marinucci

JamesMcCartneyJames McCartney, son of former Beatle Paul McCartney, will play his American debut concert Nov. 14 at Maharishi University in Fairfield, Iowa. The younger McCartney will perform during the fourth annual David Lynch “Change Begins Within” Weekend, Nov. 13 to 16. Also performing will be Donovan, who joined the Beatles in Rishikesh. Blueser Laura Dawn and her group The Little Death will fill out the bill.

The concert comes a little more than 40 years after James’ father, Paul McCartney, traveled to Rishikesh, India, to study Transcendental Meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

“James has a way with melody and a set of pipes, which are more than a match for his dad’s,” a recent article in the UK Sun declared.

In a statement issued for the concert, he said this is something he’s been working towards for a while.                                                                               

“I have been playing music since I was nine and writing along the way. I met my band about a year ago. Producer David Kahne introduced us — and my dad, Paul, helped.”

McCartney says his father played a big role in helping him develop his musical talent. “My dad taught me guitar when I was nine. I play a Fender Stratocaster, which Carl Perkins gave me from the seventies, and a Gibson Les Paul that my dad gave me — heart red.

“The band consists of me, 32, on guitar, piano, and vocals; Brian Johnson, 28, on drums; Steven Bayley, 32, on guitar, synthesizers, toy piano, and harmonies; and Charles Turner, 27, on bass and harmonies, McCartney states. “I am from London and Sussex, Brian and Charlie are from Allerton, Liverpool, where my dad grew up, and Steve is from Birmingham. Brian and Charlie used to be in the Dead 60s and Steve used to be in The Open.”

The group is touring and also in the midst of recording an album. “We are mixing our album in Hog Hill Studio, Sussex. The words on the album refer to spirituality, love, family, trying to sort out one’s own life, and many other things. I have written the songs over a ten-year period,” he says.

“The music was inspired by the Beatles, Nirvana, the Cure, PJ Harvey, Radiohead — and all good music. It is basically rock ‘n ‘roll, clean sounding, and vocal.”

Just like his dad.

Paul McCartney’s son to perform in U.S. concert in November

November 2, 2009

Paul McCartney’s son to perform in U.S. concert in November


James McCartney, son of former Beatle Paul McCartney, will perform with his band Light Nov. 14 in a concert during the upcoming Visitor’s Weekend at the Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa.

The 6:45 p.m. Nov. 14 concert will also feature Laura Dawn and Little Death and singer Donovan. It’s part of Visitor’s Weekend Nov. 13-15 at the University that acts as an open house for prospective students.

Film maker David Lynch will be host for the event. A concert benefit for his David Lynch Foundation earlier this year at New York’s Radio City Music Hall featured Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and Donovan.

For more information, see the university’s website.web statistics

More About: James McCartney and the concert.

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