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this snow buddha photo inspired a winter haiku

March 22, 2019

My daughter Shara and her husband Toby live on Lopez Island, WA. On Feb 12, Toby took this photograph of their buddha statue covered in snow. About a foot tall, it’s located in their back yard near the clifftop seats overlooking the ocean. It’s quite the view! I visited them in June 2017. Toby said: “We had quite a bit of snow here, it was really lovely just for that week.” He recently added the photo to his impressive collection on social media. I was inspired to write him a winter haiku on this first day of spring!

a winter haiku

wrapped in white silence
contemplating nothingness
the buddha ascends

┬ęKen Chawkin
March 21, 2019
Fairfield, Iowa

You can see more of Toby’s photos on his Facebook: fatbuddhascat and Instagram: greatbritishphoto.

Here is another winter haiku based on this photographer’s work: A photograph by Julia Preminger of the Catskill Mountains covered in snow inspired this haiku.

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