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Redwood forest photo and haiku inspire others

August 29, 2013

The recent blog post Redwood Forest Haiku, two versions, inspired by a photo my sister took in a Redwood Forest Park inspired other haiku.

Here’s one from GD

In Redwood forest
Giants standing grand and still
Holding the Silence.

Norman Zierold suggested changing the last line to my second version to Guarding the Silence.

In Redwood Forests
There are Giants among us
Guarding the Silence

Paul Stokstad sent two versions, the last one, i reminded him, required an extra syllable, which he added. It turned into a beautiful third haiku.


In redwood forests
there are giants among us
tall, holding silence


In redwood forests
there be giants, in silent
cathedral light

adding a missing syllable turned into


In redwood forests
there be giants, in silent,
soft, cathedral light

If you are so motivated, leave your version in the Comment section.

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