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Oprah writes in O Mag about her visit to TM Town and meditating with ladies in their Golden Dome

January 17, 2012

In the February 2012 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, Oprah in her column, What I Know for Sure, (page 162) shares her mission in life, what she’s all about: seeking the fullest expression of self. Part of that life’s purpose brought her to Fairfield, Iowa, or TM Town, as she calls it.

Oprah and her crew were here filming segments for her Next Chapter on OWN, including interviews with students at the Maharishi School; Vedic Pandits in neighboring Maharishi Vedic City; a visit to a home in Abundance Eco-Village, which is totally off the grid and designed with Vedic architectural principles; and practicing Transcendental Meditation with the ladies in one of the two golden domes on the campus of Maharishi University of Management. The show may be airing sometime in March. Updates to follow.

In the article, Oprah shares some personal thoughts on her visit to Fairfield, in particular, meditating in one of the golden domes with the ladies of the Fairfield community. She had a “powerfully energizing yet calming experience” of deep inner stillness and “didn’t want it to end.” When it did, she “walked away feeling fuller than when I’d come in…full of hope, a sense of contentment, and deep joy.” She elaborates saying we all need to tap into and experience “the constancy of stillness” from where “you can create your best work and your best life,” even during “the daily craziness that bombards us from every direction.”

Click on the photo and then the text box to enlarge and better see them. You can also click on this Oprah Feb 2012 to download a pdf of the article, or pick up a copy at a store where her magazine is sold. The same article is now posted on with a larger photo showing hundreds of ladies meditating behind Oprah in a packed dome: Oprah on Stillness and Meditation – Oprah Visits Fairfield Iowa – What Oprah Knows for Sure About Finding the Fullest Expression of Yourself. Enjoy!


Also reported in Global Good News | Maharishi School News | TM Program for Women Professionals | Transcendental Meditation Blog | Peacetown, USA.

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Some Reports on Dr. Oz’s Interview with Oprah about TM and her Next Chapter

December 14, 2011

In the first part of Dr. Oz’s exclusive interview with Oprah, she discusses why she cancelled her show, what she misses most, and what it’s been like starting her Next Chapter.

Later on in the interview—and here is that video clip everyone is talking about—Oprah Winfrey discusses her experience with Transcendental Meditation. Oprah mentions a visit she made to ‘TM Town’ in Fairfield, Iowa, where, she says, a third of the town meditates. To better prepare for the visit, Oprah invited teachers of Transcendental Meditation to teach her and her staff how to meditate. She then shares the wonderful transformations that have been occurring as a result of everyone meditating twice a day, before and after their workday.

To get an appreciation from where Oprah Winfrey came from, and “Why the ‘talkinest child’ understands women and the power of television better than anyone else,” read The Glory of Oprah in the December 2011 ATLANTIC MAGAZINE.

See Oprah writes in O Mag about her visit to TM Town and meditating with ladies in their Golden Dome.

This happened later as a result of Dr. Oz’s interview with Oprah: Dr. Oz on Transcendental Meditation.

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As a result of Oprah offering TM to her employees Dr. Oz did the same. Watch these videos, which came out later: Dr. Oz on Transcendental Meditation and Dr Oz’s gift of TM to his employees resulted in personal and corporate benefits — see the video.

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