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Maharishi University places 4 winning MBA teams in top 10 at international CAPSIM competition

August 9, 2012

M.U.M. Students Excellent In CAPSIM Competition
by Johnny Mangano
Published on Aug 9, 2012 by KTVOtv

FAIRFIELD, IA — Four MBA teams from the Maharishi University of Management placed in the top 10 of the international CAPSIM Foundation simulation.

The simulation tests MBA students acumen in areas such as sales forecasting, inventory management, operations management,  human resources, finance, and quality management.

M.U.M. competed with other schools across the continent including Villanova and Drexel even though enrollment at the school is just around 1,000 students.

The competition is spread out over a six month period and is very rigorous.

Dr. Andrew Bargerstock, Director of MBA Programs at M.U.M. led the students in this endeavor.

In the past three years, M.U.M. has placed teams in the top ten of the competition with a team actually placing first last year.

When asked whether he values that or this year with four teams placing in the top ten, Dr. Bargerstock preferred the latter because it speaks to how deep and knowledgable his MBA students are.

The simulation is scored on a Balanced Scorecard concept which measures both short and long term growth across four perspectives: financial, customer, internal business processes, and learning and growth.

The four teams were named Chester, Digby, Baldwin, and Andrews.

The Chester team placed in the 97th percentile and included Enkhbat Byambaakhuu, Laxman Bhandari, Visakha Ly, Phirada Khuon, and Nan Cao.

The Digby team was in the 95th percentile and included Seka Ellepo, Njei Akuro, Gurmu Negeri, and Eshetu Debru.

The Baldwin team finished in the 93rd percentile with team members Xiaoxu Chen, Zhou Jiang, Yue Pan, Daina Zhang, and Bo Wu.

The Andrews team placed in the 90th percentile with Eliana Freeman, Mokhlis Awad, Joseph Marquez, and Mila Zhang.

For more information on MUM’s Accounting MBA program visit:

Also listen to the KMCD August 9 MUM Spotlight Show with Andy Bargerstock, MUM Professor and Director of MBA programs, as he discusses the significance of the CAPSIM simulation within the Accounting MBA program at MUM and how it prepares his students to compete and win against other top universities in North America.

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