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This cartoon is so unexpectedly funny

January 20, 2019

This fortuneteller cartoon by Gahan Wilson was published on The New Yorker Cartoons Instagram. Wilson is known for his dark sense of humor.

Fortune Teller - newyorkercartoons.png

Guess some of us don’t learn from our mistakes. Good to have a sense of humor about it though. Here’s to getting it right, sooner or later.

Reminds me of these funny New Yorker cartoons I included in this post about Coming Back For Love In Five Favorite Romantic Films.

The one on top is where we go to keep learning. The other at the bottom perfectly reminds me of Bill Murray waking up each morning in the brilliant little film Ground Hog Day.

Alex Gregory is astutely funny showing what social media is doing to us.

This funny cartoon tellingly depicts our obsession with the past and future while ignoring how to be in the present moment with meditation!

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