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Hafiz via Ladinsky describes the spiritual transformation of loving deeply within himself

July 16, 2014

Another wonderful poem by Hafiz translated by Daniel Ladinsky in “A Year With Hafiz” is The Root of the Rose. It’s a testament to the transformational power of loving from deep within the Self.

The Root of The Rose

In this cup I am drinking from, I can see the Face
behind every face

A well now, where creation has been drawn, I am.
How can a jug being carried on the top of my head
contain everything?

A galaxy can appear in the reflection of a small
clear pool.

Right where the moon may appear smiling at you
from a body of still water . . . a fish might leap out

and swallow that orb whole, and who is to say,
maybe even lay it at your feet?

Within an arm’s reach is all I desire, so I am never
in want.

The root of the Rose I have become, from loving
the way I did.

A Year With Hafiz: Daily Contemplations
Daniel Ladinsky, July 13, page 215

The image of the fish swallowing the moon reminds me of a poem by Rolf Erickson called Mirror Lake.

For Hafiz the role of an enlightened poet is to connect humanity with the joy of the divine.

See 3 beautiful and profound short poems by Hafiz about the nature of God within us.

Hafiz, via Ladinsky, reminds us when we love those in our care we are brought closer to God.

Hafiz’s poem, God Pours Light, awakens the soul and frees the mind from debating words about it.

Also see Leave something in the marketplace by Hafiz. Related: Poems by Rumi and Octavio Paz open our minds to a more cosmic perspective. My poem, As Above, So Below, shares the same cosmic sentiment.

Here is an enlightening article on Hafiz and Maharishi’s Science of Consciousness by Rebecca Busch.

Love after Love, by Derek Walcott, resonates deeply when you first acknowledge yourself. Only then can you truly love. A Blessing of Solitude by John O’Donohue complements Derek Walcott’s Love after Love.

Winding up the year with inspiration from Hafiz

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