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I turned 70 today!

April 20, 2014

Turning Seventy
(a tanka for my family)

Just another day
I made it to seventy
But I won’t be sad

Cuz you’re here to celebrate
And that’s what makes it special

April 20, 2014
Lake Tahoe, CA

Family Foto at Lake Tahoe

Laurie & Renee Sluser, Ken, Nathanael & Shara Chawkin

Here is a link to the beautiful chalet we stayed in. Renee posted a picture of me and the kids on a park bench by the lake. Shara posted some pics of Dad’s 70th at Lake Tahoe, including some I took. And someone offered to take the group photo of us on a dock, which I cropped for this post. Nathanael took a picture of me making a birthday wish. This early photo and quote of Maharishi was posted on Facebook by Mona Kägi-Causemann, which Renee forwarded to me.

Friend and poet Bill Graeser posted this poem for me on his blog: Turning Seventy and Other Tragedies.

See A wonderful birthday poem from John Burns — The Truly Great — by Stephen Spender.

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