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Peter Wallace’s story of how he met Maharishi

February 16, 2010


Listen to TM movement pioneer Peter Wallace’s address to the Masters in Vedic Science class on the campus of Maharishi University of Management, via KHOE 90.5 FM – World Radio – Including Maharishi Gandharva Veda Music Channel.  (mp3 90min, 82MB)

Here is another KHOE interview: Peter Wallace is interviewed by Dean of Faculty Cathy Gorini, in this installment in a series on the history of the TM Movement. Peter tells how his younger brother Keith, who did pioneering research on Transcendental Meditation, got involved. Keith is now Chairperson of the Department of Physiology & Health at M.U.M. Peter also speaks of the power and profundity of the Invincible America Assembly, of which he is a participant, as a manifestation of the greatness of Maharishi’s teaching. Recorded Oct 2 2011 (mp3 55 min , 19 MB)

Here is a later video interview uploaded by on Sep 3, 2011: Peter Wallace- Early History TM Movement and Maharishi

Short Transcription:

Jim Mayhew: My name is Jim Mayhew I am the founding facilitator of the Yogic Flyers for Heaven on Earth Foundation and today I have the great pleasure and privilege of interviewing a man that has been involved in the TM Movement right from the very beginning one of the first people to meet Maharishi. He has wonderful stories to tell of the early parts of the TM Movement. Very interesting insights to share, so without further ado… his name is Peter Wallace, by the way and he is from a family who has been very devoted to Maharishi for many years, and he is an successful artist and art dealer, his passion is Russian art and maybe if we have time later with the camera we will share some of his… So without further ado share some of your insights and experiences you had mentioned when you had first met Maharishi…

Peter Wallace: I guess it started really in Paris when I had an experience an existential experience to take charge of my own life and direct it in such a way that it would have some meaning. That involved figuring out what the meaning of life was and it involved doing something about it.

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