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Robin Lim Day — CNN Hero Returns to Fairfield, Iowa for a Hometown Hero’s Welcome

November 4, 2012

Robin Lim Day

Robin Lim Returns to Fairfield, Iowa for a Hometown Hero’s Welcome

Recent articles on 2011 CNN Hero Robin Lim appear in the October and November 2012 issues of The Iowa Source. Robin was on the October cover in a feature article, Midwives: Better Birth Outcomes, and in the November issue: Robin Lim Honored in Her Hometown.

Mayor Ed Malloy officially declared Robin Lim Day in Fairfield, Iowa on November 13, 2012. Robin is returning to Fairfield to accept the honor and give a free lecture on midwifery and her work in Indonesia Tuesday at 8 p.m. at the Sondheim Center in the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center. Admission is free.

Several events will take place between November 8 to 15, 2012, starting with a free showing of the award-winning documentary film, Guerrilla Midwife, at the Fairfield Public Library. The film was made by Robin’s daughter, Deja Bernhardt, about her mother’s work.

Robin will also be giving a series of talks starting at Des Moines University in the Student Education Center Auditorium at 7 p.m. Sunday. The event at the Sondheim honoring Robin takes place Tuesday night, followed by talks on Wednesday morning at the Maharishi School, on being a hero by pursuing your dreams and passions, and evening at 7:30 p.m. on sustainable parenting, in Dalby Hall in the Argiro Student Center on the Maharishi University campus, concluding Thursday morning at Fairfield Public High School.

In addition to her work in Bali at Bumi Sehat (Healthy Mother Earth), Robin and her team helped save lives and opened a second free clinic and birthing center in Aceh, that part of Indonesia most heavily hit by the tsunami in 2004. She later used her newfound disaster-response skills to aid victims of the earthquake that leveled parts of Haiti in 2010.

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the best-selling book, Eat, Pray, Love (the last part takes place in Bali), met Robin and had this to say about her: “Robin Lim is what we should strive to be—a great, abundant, generous, warm and tirelessly running faucet of humanity and grace.”

See the Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts announcement CNN Hero of the Year Robin Lim Speaks in her Hometown.

For more information on Robin Lim and her work visit Wikipedia, Bumi Sehat Foundation International, and YouTube Channel.

See Fairfield Ledger: CNN Hero Robin Lim visiting Fairfield and news coverage for Robin Lim is the 2011 CNN Hero Of The Year.

Read a beautiful poem Today by William Stafford

November 1, 2012
“Today” is a beautiful poem written by William Stafford, selected from his book My Name is William Tell by Beth Atchison and contributed to Panhala, which is how I found out about it today.


The ordinary miracles begin. Somewhere
a signal arrives: “Now,” and the rays
come down. A tomorrow has come. Open
your hands, lift them: morning rings
all the doorbells; porches are cells for prayer.
Religion has touched your throat. Not the same now,
you could close your eyes and go on full of light.

And it is already begun, the chord
that will shiver glass, the song full of time
bending above us. Outside, a sign:
a bird intervenes; the wings tell the air,
“Be warm.” No one is out there, but a giant
has passed through town, widening streets, touching
the ground, shouldering away the stars.

~ William Stafford ~

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