Jerry Yellin on Loud Miracles with Meital Dohan: Beating PTSD through Transcendental Meditation

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Jerry Yellin: Beating PTSD Through Transcendental Meditation

Meital Dohan talks to Jerry Yellin. They discuss how TM helped him emerge from his PTSD as well as how TM can help better the mind and body in other ways, given that Meital also practices. They discuss the effects of PTSD and how drugs are not the only answer to the hardships and trauma of War.

More about Jerry Yellin

Jerry Yellin is a World War II Veteran who suffered from PTSD after returning home from the war. For many years he suffered from depression that he could not escape, and fell deeper and deeper with no end in sight despite being surrounded by people he cared about and who cared about him. After his wife began to practice Transcendental Meditation, Jerry also tried it. Through TM, which he continues to practice, he got himself out of his depression and has lived a long and healthy life. He speaks widely about his experience and he has has teamed up with the David Lynch Foundation to create Operation Warrior Wellness to provide TM to veterans of our current wars as a way to help heal from the hardships of battle.
Listen to other interviews by Meital Dohan and see other articles on Jerry Yellin posted here on The Uncarved Blog.
Meital has moved on but her interviews are posted on SoundCloud.

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