Donna Karan and David Lynch collaborate to launch “Operation Warrior Wellness-NYC”

For those who either didn’t know about or missed the Urban Zen-David Lynch Foundation collaboration to launch Operation Warrior Wellness in New York City, here is the rebroadcast from that night, June 7, 2011, on Lifestream: This special event was co-hosted by NY fashion designer Donna Karan at her Urban Zen Foundation and Hollywood filmmaker David Lynch.

Bob Roth, VP of the David Lynch Foundation, emceed the spectacular evening, which opened with an amazing performance by Miri Ben-Ari “The Hip-Hop Violinist.” Moving presentations were given by Jerry Yellin; Russell Simmons; research psychiatrist and author Norman Rosenthal, MD; Iraq Vet, MUM’s David George and his mother Julia; a Marine reading a letter from his father; Dan Burks and his family; a short visual presentation on the brain under stress and then on meditation by Fred Travis; David Lynch, Donna Karan; and a Q&A between Bob Roth and David Lynch.

Together Donna and David partnered to create change from within for veterans and their families who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. On June 7th, Donna Karan and David Lynch celebrated the New York City launch of “Operation Warrior Wellness-NYC.” Learn how Transcendental Meditation aids in healing the mind and body as they proudly present Dr. Norman Rosenthal, author of Transcendence: Healing and Transformation through Transcendental Meditation (Tarcher/Penguin June 2011). Proceeds from the sale of Dr. Rosenthal’s book will be donated to this outreach for veterans.

David and Donna also took great pride in presenting “The Resilient Warrior Award for 2010” to Captain Jerry Yellin, decorated World War II fighter pilot, and Master Sergeant Ed Schloeman, distinguished Vietnam Marine veteran, who both serve as national co-chairs of Operation Warrior Wellness.

Please share this with your friends and anyone who might feel motivated to want to donate to the David Lynch Foundation’s Operation Warrior Wellness Program. The goal is to raise enough funds to teach the first 10,000 Veterans with PTSD, from any war, and their families, to bring relief from suffering. Alternate URL:

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