Maharishi University students get academic credit for daily Transcendental Meditation (TM) practice


Published: November 12,2009
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Letter to the Editor

Response to “Hindus Laud University of Colorado-Boulder Over Meditation Center”

Hindus Laud University of Colorado-Boulder Over Meditation Center

It seems that UCB is just starting to catch on. MUM, Maharishi University of Management, located in Fairfield, Iowa, has offered CBE, Consciousness-Based education, for 35 years, where students, faculty, and staff all practice TM, the Transcendental Meditation technique, twice a day.

Students receive RC credit, research in consciousness, as part of their curriculum. Meditation rooms are made available for students to practice their twice-daily non-religious TM technique. And there are two large golden domes over 25,000 square feet each, one for men and one for ladies, where students, faculty, staff, and meditating townspeople all gather twice a day, morning and evening, to practice TM and the TM-Sidhis program, including Yogic Flying, for world peace.

These ancient meditative practices revived by the founder, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, dramatically lower stress-related risk factors and increase clarity and orderliness in brain functioning. The results show up in students’ academic and athletic performances as well as improved individual and social well-being. Students are happier and more productive, and don’t resort to alcohol or drug abuse, or express violent behavior.

For those who wish to worship according to their own faith, students attend multi-denominational services in town, and a room is also available for Muslim students who wish to use their prayer rugs to pray. MUM’s diverse student population of over 1000 comes from over 65 different countries this year. And enrollment is growing as more and more discover what this unique university has to offer.

All food is organic vegetarian, some of it grown locally in the university’s large green houses. Visit or come for a Visitors Weekend. One of the most popular Visitors Weekends is the annual David Lynch Weekend. Also check out the David Lynch Foundation website for details.

Ken Chawkin
Media Relations Director
Maharishi University of Management
The David Lynch Foundation

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