A report halfway into the New Paradigm Tour: Veda, Consciousness, the Ramayana and the Self

We are about halfway through the New Paradigm Tour now, and here is a summary report from a recent Maharishi Global Family Chat sent out with beautiful photos and descriptions: New Paradigm tour continues in waves of success and appreciation.

In the San Francisco Bay area, the New Paradigm Tour held its first public event for Indo-Americans, featuring keynote speaker Dr Tony Nader as well as John Hagelin, Ramani Ayer, and host Dr. Howard Chancellor. Well over 300 people filled the hall, mostly Indo-Americans hearing of Maharishi Vedic Science for the first time.

Dr Hagelin explained how Veda (Knowledge) or consciousness is the unified field of quantum physics, and how the Vedic technologies of Maharishi Yog and Maharishi Yagya benefit individuals and society (especially Transcendental Meditation and its advanced programs).

Dr. Nader then gave a captivating keynote address about the new paradigm that recognizes science and spirituality as two flavors of one Reality. Several times he was interrupted by spontaneous waves of applause!

A special moment then came when Shiv Sagar — whose grandfather Ramanand Sagar created the original Ramayan television series beloved throughout India — connected from India to express his family’s appreciation of Dr. Nader’s book Ramayan in Human Physiology. Shiv played a short video clip from the family’s more recent serialized production of the Ramayan that was watched by 600 million Indians. When a member of the audience requested if Dr. Nader would translate the characters and plot of that same Ramayan clip into the workings of the human physiology, he did so and won a round of applause.

Members of the audience were filled with wonder at the profundity of Maharishi Vedic Science and by the scientific insights brought to light by Dr Nader and Dr Hagelin. They were completely amazed when Ramani Ayer showed videos of 1,000 Maharishi Vedic Pandits in Iowa, USA and 2,500 in the Brahmasthan of India, and explained that these Peace Professionals are the main power-generators of a scientifically-documented Global Peace Initiative. Listen: http://bit.ly/vedicpandits.

Time and again remarks were heard like: “We feel so proud of our Vedic tradition!”; “Thank you so much for taking time to speak to us — we never knew!”; and “Now we must help create peace with you!”

While in the San Francisco area, Dr. Nader also presented to a group of about 100 enthusiastic Indian physicians, bringing the total to over 350 physicians in California. He also conducted a 3-hour Ramayan in Human Physiology Seminar to 130 meditators and Sidhas. In Vancouver he then spoke to over 500 Indo-American at two more lectures, and also gave a Ramayan seminar to about 120 people. In every case, he is being deeply acclaimed and respected for his wisdom and radiance.

Details of the tour can be found at: www.NewParadigmTour.org
See videos of Dr Nader at: http://www.youtube.com/drtonynader
A Facebook page is at: http://www.facebook.com/VedaConsciousness

Dr Chancellor reported that Dr. Nader’s New Paradigm tour has been extremely successful in California and Vancouver. The first leg of the tour ended last night with a presentation at the Meadows Club in Chicago.

An overflow crowd of about 800 people flocked to the Meadows Club. Almost all were Indo-Americans with little or no previous familiarity with Maharishi Vedic Science and its practical applied technologies for individual enlightenment, national invincibility, and world peace.

The presentations by Dr. Hagelin, Ramani Ayer and Dr. Nader stretched well over two hours with everyone completely focused on the speakers throughout.

The talks were punctuated by considerable applause, and the audience gave a standing ovation to Dr Nader at the end of his presentation.

There was also a huge round of warm applause when the crowd heard — in fact, they seemed to already be well aware of it — that Maharishi had appointed Dr Nader as his successor in the line of the Vedic Tradition and honored him with the title of the first Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam of the Global Country of World Peace, the umbrella entity for all of Maharishi’s global legacy.

TV ASIA prepared a Brief Highlights report on the the event, which took place at the Meadows Club in Chicago: Maharishi Foundation & GPI Hosts “A New paradigm: Veda, Consciousness, the Ramayana and the Self.” The TV Asia Community Roundup program aired on April 26th at 10:30pm (ET) and was rebroadcast on April 27th at 7:30pm (ET).

See the general press release with links to some of the news coverage added at the bottom of Veda, Consciousness, the Ramayana, and the Self — A New Paradigm Tour Will Visit Ten Cities.

See a video clip taken from one of the presentations: Dr. Tony Nader speaks about the Ramayana in Human Physiology.

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  1. Ruth Guillard Says:

    What can I say but, “Jai Guru Dev!”


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