THE WEEK: Getting the flavor of Iowa’s aura

The Chicago Tribune article, which came out a few months ago on Fairfield, TM, MUM, and The Raj, continues to be published in major papers throughout the country, and now around the world. The current issue of The Week, a very prestigious weekly magazine, included a synopsis of that story. The Week takes the best of international media and publishes it in their US, UK, and AU editions. So American, British, and Australian subscribers are now reading about us! It is also available online at their websites, but you have to be a subscriber to access it. Here is a shortened link to the article for subscribers: Below is the text copied from a jpg of that page someone sent me. The column, Getting the flavor of…Iowa’s aura, is in the middle of the bottom right corner of a page in the Travel section of the Arts+Life section in this week’s issue: THE WEEK February 25, 2011.

Getting the flavor of…
lowa’s aura

Fairfield is “not just any Iowa town,” said Josh
Noel in the Chicago Tribune. Though “hemmed
in by farms” and rich in traditional Midwestern
charm, this small county seat does double
duty as a mecca for transcendental meditation,
or TM. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who began
the TM movement in the late 1950s, moved
his Maharishi International University from
California to Fairfield in 1974. The town got
caught up in the phenomenon, and today “a
quarter to a third of the population” practices
meditation. Twice a day, hundreds of locals,
including the mayor, meditate at precisely the
same time. Visitors are welcome, and can book
tours of various TM sites. I made an appointment
for shirodhara, a treatment that involves
“pouring a steady stream of oil on the forehead”
to balance the mind. “Life’s busy thoughts faded
as the oil rhythmically fell.”

Also see Chicago Tribune—The Iowa aura

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