America’s Most Unusual Town — Exclusive Webisodes from “Oprah’s Next Chapter”

America’s Most Unusual Town
Aired: 03/25/2012

About This Episode
Oprah spends the day in Fairfield, Iowa—one of the safest, greenest and most unusual communities in America. In the middle of corn country, it’s probably the last place you’d expect to find a dome and an evening traffic jam where thousands of the local population of 9,400 are headed to meditate.

Oprah’s journey begins at a unique school where twice-daily Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a mandatory part of the curriculum. Next, she visits the neighboring community of Maharishi Vedic City—named after the Indian guru who founded the TM movement. Here, nonorganic food is banned, and all houses face east, adhering to an ancient Indian architectural style that is said to bring peace and harmony to one’s surroundings. Maharishi Vedic City is also home to a top secret, 80-acre compound where 800 men from India live and spend eight hours a day meditating, chanting and studying. Cameras have never been allowed inside their community—until now.

Later, Oprah joins women from the community at the Golden Dome of Pure Knowledge for evening meditation—a powerful, energizing yet calming experience. Of that experience, Oprah says, “I walked away feeling fuller than when I came in, full of hope and a sense of contentment and deep joy, knowing for sure that in the craziness of the world that seems to bombard us at every angle, there is always the consistency of stillness.”

Exclusive Webisodes:

The Architecture of TM Town:
Tour a family’s home built around the concept of nature-based architecture

Many homes in Fairfield, Iowa, are built in a style of architecture inspired by nature. Take a tour of one family’s home and learn about the theory behind its layout.

16 Principles of the Science of Creative Intelligence
The 16 lessons Oprah says it took her decades to learn

The children at the Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment in Fairfield, Iowa, are learning life lessons it took Oprah decades to learn. Learn the 16 principles of the Science of Creative Intelligence for yourself.
Welcome to TM Town
Welcome to Fairfield! Meet a family who uprooted their entire lives to move here—and couldn’t be happier. Fairfield is a quiet community nestled among the cornfields of Iowa. It’s also the center of the transcendental movement in the United States. Many of the 9,000 residents who live here meditate every day, including the Winer family. Watch as the Winers reveal why they left an affluent suburb outside of Atlanta to move to Fairfield. Plus, find out how the architecture of homes in Fairfield can improve a homeowner’s happiness.
Fairfield’s One-of-a-Kind School
Take a tour of Fairfield’s one-of-a-kind school. The Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment uses “consciousness-based education” to teach children from kindergarten to 12th grade everything from college prep to spiritual awakening. Watch as Oprah tours the school and shares a meditation session with some of the older students.
Rush Hour in Fairfield, Iowa
Witness Fairfield’s nontraditional rush hour and learn more about what Transcendental Meditation means. Rush hour in Fairfield, Iowa, is unlike any other town in America. Twice a day, residents stop what they’re doing and head to two giant golden domes to meditate. Watch as Oprah meets with the town’s mayor and a founder of a nearby community to learn more about the practice of Transcendental Meditation and then tours the Bagambhrini Golden Dome of Pure Knowledge for women.
Oprah Meets Iowa’s Pandits
They meditate for hours each day in the name of world peace. Meet the pandits of Iowa
Pandits are professional meditators who practice Transcendental Meditation for hours a day in the name of world peace. For two to three years, many of these men from India devote their lives to this practice in the cornfields of Iowa. On the day Oprah visits, nearly 800 are in residence.  They’ve never allowed television cameras to film them—until now. Watch as Oprah gets an unprecedented look into the life of a pandit.
More on Transcendental Meditation

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