Iconic Jazz Musician Paul Horn Performs Inside MUM’s Golden Dome in Historic Concert May 15

Iconic Jazz Musician Paul Horn Performs Inside MUM’s Golden Dome

Grammy-award winning musician Paul Horn, renowned for his pioneering solo jazz performances inside timeless monuments such as the Taj Mahal and the Great Pyramid, performs in a historic concert on Sunday evening, May 15 at 7:45 pm, “Inside the Golden Dome: Paul Horn & Friends.”

Paul will be joined by his wife, celebrated Canadian singer/poet Ann Mortifee; Ed Sarath, world-class flugelhorn player; and special guest Eugene Watts, founder of the popular Canadian Brass, the world’s leading brass ensemble with over 80 CDs and DVDs. This concert is also the grand finale of the “Music & Consciousness Symposium” being held at Maharishi University of Management during the weekend of May 14 & 15. Each of these artists will deliver keynote addresses at this Symposium on the subjects of improvisation, creativity, and the relationship of music with spirituality.

Paul Horn has had an illustrious career spanning five decades, 50 albums, five Grammy nominations, and two Grammy awards. He has played both as a solo artist and with the likes of Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett, Buddy Rich, Chick Corea, Donovan, Quincy Jones, and Ravi Shankar. At the peak of his jazz career, Paul was inspired to play his flute inside the famous Taj Mahal. This improvisational performance ushered in a new era of contemplative and meditative music. “Inside the Taj Mahal” became the seminal recording of this new genre of music, and Paul became known as the “Father of New Age Music.”

One of the highlights of the concert is a rare performance inside the Golden Dome on the campus of Maharishi University of Management. The Golden Dome has been used for more than 30 years for the collective practice of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) program by several thousand practitioners. Extensive published scientific research shows the TM technique promotes a wide range of personal benefits, including reduced stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD and other learning disorders. Research also demonstrates a calming “spillover” effect on the whole of society when just a small percentage of the population practices this technique together, including decreased crime, violence and conflict throughout society.

The event is presented by the David Lynch Foundation and MUM’s new Creative Musical Arts Program.

Tickets are available in advance at the Chocolate Café, on the Square, and the MUM Bookstore.

For more details on the “Music & Consciousness Symposium,” visit: mum.edu/music/symposium.

Also see Radio Iowa interview Famed flute player visits SE Iowa, plans weekend show, and IowaPrivateColleges.org posting: Grammy Winner Paul Horn Performs at MUM. PeaceTown, USA also posted: Sacred Intersection: Paul Horn Performs Inside the Golden Dome.

Visit the TM Blog for an article posted by Keith Deboer: Paul Horn: The Music of Meditation, and a short video overview of Paul Horn’s career: Inside Paul Horn posted by annmortifee.

Video and Reports of the Symposium on Music and Consciousness

Here’s Paul’s great talk from the symposium: Improvisation: The Ultimate Art of Self-Expression — Paul Horn at MUM.
Results of MUM’s first Music and Consciousness Symposium: Why a Symposium on Music and Consciousness?
Achievement’s report on the symposium: Symposium on Music and Consciousness Honors Paul Horn

Click here to see all of the Lecture and Performance Videos from the Symposium including Q & A.

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    […] an earlier post from a few years ago: Iconic Jazz Musician Paul Horn Performs Inside MUM’s Golden Dome in Historic Concert May 15. The concert was in the context of a Symposium on Music and Consciousness during which Paul Horn […]


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