Russell Brand talks to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show about movies, marriage and meditation

Russell Brand was interviewed by Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, Monday night, March 28, 2011, (Season 19 Episode 55). They discussed his new movies, Arthur and Hop, getting his driving license, marriage and meditation. A very interesting and funny interview! Unfortunately that segment of the show, posted by two You Tubers, was removed.

Jay mentions that Russell meditates and wonders how he can sit still long enough to do it, and asks him if he could teach him to meditate too. Thanks to a friend you can watch this segment where Russell talks about his practice of Transcendental Meditation here:

Since Russell took his mother as his date to The Oscars, I was curious to know who she was. I found and read this wonderful article from The Sunday Times archive about their relationship: Relative Values: Russell Brand and his mother, Barbara. A loving and amazing story!

Ever since Russell started TM and married Katy, he’s calmer, cleaner, classier, and still as funny as ever, even wittier! And his career has really taken off, which is nice to see. He should be great in Hop since he’s so expressive, always speaking in such an animated manner.

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