CBC: David Lynch, Meditation and The Troops

Friday December 17, 2010

Interview: David Lynch, Meditation and The Troops

If you were sentient in the early 90s, you probably heard about a little show called Twin Peaks.

And chances are you’ve heard of its creator, David Lynch, director of the films The Elephant Man, Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive.

But what you may not know is David Lynch is just as committed to the practice of Transcendental Meditation as he is to his art. And through his foundation, he’s been helping at-risk populations learn the practice.

This week, along with Clint Eastwood and a host of researchers, David Lynch launched Operation Warrior Wellness — a program to teach meditation to soldiers suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Take a listen to his interview with Brent Bambury. Click here to listen on the Day 6 blog.

One Response to “CBC: David Lynch, Meditation and The Troops”

  1. Tom Mitchell Says:

    THis six minute interview was excellent to explain just what David Lynch and his foundation is doing for the military especially in the US military and should be happening to our boys who are experiencing the same problems coming back from a war like situation to peaceful situation. The stress of going out on patrol not knowing if your going to have two feet when you come back must wear on these boys minds as a hudge stress and this is only one example so TM should be made available to them to eliminate this stressful situation they must deal and thier family must deal with. Thanks


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