KTVO: Maharishi runners prepare for Turkey Trot

Maharishi runners prepare for Turkey Trot
by Kisha Henry
Thursday, October 21, 2010

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FAIRFIELD, IOWA — The Maharishi School Running Club has their eye on some turkeys.

The runners are preparing to participate in their next race.

“The next run is the Fairfield Turkey Trot and it’s a fundraiser for the Roosevelt Recreation Center here in Fairfield and they have it every year and it’s going be November 13 at the Water Works Park,” said Coach Peter Mannisi. “We’ve run the last two years and they give turkeys to the age group winner, and the first year we won two turkeys, last year we won three turkeys, so hopefully we’ll win more turkeys this year.”

The runners have been preparing in many different ways, including meditation.

“When you meditate, you go to this really profound and deep state of relaxation and when you tap into this, there’s this limitless source of energy, this inner reservoir of energy that you can tap into and it’s really powerful,” said Oliver Huntley, runner. “I find that when I can achieve that meditative state when I’m running, I can actually tap into that inner reservoir of energy while I’m running and it has effects, I can run harder, I can run faster, I can run for longer.”

Huntley will not be competing in the Turkey Trot due to an injury, but he says the meditation is helping his recovery time.

Some runners will even participate barefoot.

“I live barefooted and that’s why I run barefooted,” said Beau Blakely, who finished first in his last race. “It wasn’t too hard. The road was pretty clean, so if there’s gravel in the road, that hurts, but generally it was pretty clean.”

Blakely works out for an hour each day and walks everywhere, rather than driving, in order to do well in his races.

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