“Heyam Dukham Anagatam” — Avert the danger that has not yet come

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How transcendental meditation can prevent war and terrorism

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Washington, March 20: A new research paper has pointed how militaries worldwide could use the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program, founded by Indian spiritual guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, as a non-religious and scientifically verified way to prevent war and terrorism.

When used in a military context, these meditation practices are known as Invincible Defense Technology (IDT).

The research paper describes the concept of a “Prevention Wing of the Military,” a group of military personnel that practices the advanced TM-Sidhi program twice daily as a group.

A group that reaches a critical threshold in size has been scientifically shown to reduce collective societal stress.

The paper hypothesizes that war, terrorism, and crime are caused by collective societal stress.

The absence of collective stress translates into the absence of tension between countries, between religious groups, or even within individual terrorists.

The paper proposes that, by applying this non-lethal and non-destructive technology, any military can reduce societal stress and prevent enemies from arising.

If IDT prevents the emergence of enemies, the military has no one to fight, so the nation becomes invincible.

Over 50 scientific studies have found that when 1percent of a given population practices Transcendental Meditation, or when sufficiently large groups practice the TM-Sidhi program together twice daily, measurable positive changes take place throughout society as a whole.

The studies show decreased violence, crime, car accidents, and suicides, and improved quality of life in society.

The paper reviews IDT research, such as a study published in the Yale University-edited Journal of Conflict Resolution showing that an intervention by a civilian group in Israel resulted in a 76 percent reduction in war deaths in neighboring Lebanon.

Seven subsequent, consecutive experiments over a two-year period during the peak of the Lebanon war found that war-related fatalities decreased by 71 percent, war-related injuries fell by 68 percent, the level of conflict dropped by 48 percent, and cooperation among antagonists increased by 66 percent.

A follow-up study published in the Journal of Social Behavior and Personality found that the likelihood that these combined results were due to chance is less than one in a quintillion.

A global-scale study published in the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation documented a 72 percent drop in international terrorism when IDT groups were large enough to affect the global population.

According to David R. Leffler, the research paper’s author, “This new approach, derived from the ancient Vedic tradition of India, is supported by over 50 scientific studies. IDT can create victory before war, and can assist in peacemaking, peacekeeping, and peacebuilding.”

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I used the photo of Maharishi from a similar article on IndiaTalkies website posted by Nitesh on Mar 20th, 2010 and filed under Science / Technology.

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9 Responses to ““Heyam Dukham Anagatam” — Avert the danger that has not yet come”

  1. Pat Spahr Says:

    In the expression above, Heyam Dukham Anagatam is not a reference to “danger,” but rather it is a reference to pain, or the root Duhkha for “suffering.”

    Patanjali was saying, “Pain that has not yet come is avoidable.” It’s about one’s inner experience, not about super radiance.


    • Ken Chawkin Says:

      Yes, you can say, avoid the suffering that has not yet come, as in prevent a dangerous situation from arising and avoid the pain or suffering it would bring.

      Another expression by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras is Tat Sanidhau Vairat Yagaha. In the vicinity of Yoga, hostile tendencies remain at a distance. This is the prediction. In the vicinity of an orderly harmonious group, hostile tendencies are neutralized. The enmity in the enemy dissolves and is transformed into a friend. This kuvatch, or protective shield, protects the population from disaster.

      Think of the Meissner Effect in a Super Conductor where the electrons in a metal rod are so perfectly aligned that a magnetic field cannot penetrate and influence it. An invincible field effect repels the magnetic field.

      Maharishi predicted over 50 years ago that if 1% of the world’s population were to practice Transcendental Meditation, World Peace would result. Scientists informed him at the end of 1974, that in cities where 1% of the population were meditating, some in Iowa on University campuses, the crime rate had dropped by 8% whereas the national average continued to climb by 8%, showing a 16% difference. When he heard that news he realized we were on the threshold of a new era, and in 1975 inaugurated the Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment on all the major continents.

      In the late 1970’s, Maharishi brought out the more advanced TM-Sidhi program based on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. In the 1980’s, World Peace Assemblies (WPA) were organized for large groups to practice these techniques together, including Yogic Flying. Scientists found out only the square root of 1% was needed to bring about a phase transition from negativity and violence to positivity and harmony in those areas where these WPAs were taking place. One course of 8,000 was large enough to effect the whole world’s population. This effect, known as the Maharishi Effect, in his honor since he had predicted it, was replicated in other World Peace Assemblies. To date over 50 studies have demonstrated this effect.

      We are all connected on a deeper level of consciousness, and the group was enlivening this underlying Unified Field, which created a spillover effect of positivity neutralizing the negativity in the environment. It’s as if the collective body of humanity was being purified of stress and its resultant stressful behavior.

      So Superradiance is the outward effect of the transformation that is taking place within the consciousness of the meditators. It’s like a washing machine effect, as Maharishi used to explain it. They are cleaning the collective consciousness of negativity from within themselves individually and collectively.

      See an explanation of this in The Power of The Collective, by John Hagelin on this blog. http://wp.me/pD0BA-2wu. This interview was published in Noetic Sciences (IONS) Shift Magazine, summer 2007.

      You can also watch a video about it: “Can group meditation bring World Peace? Quantum Physicist, John Hagelin explains.” http://bit.ly/weFz4v

      To create a more stable situation instead of WPAs starting and stopping, a large permanent group has been formed on the campus of Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, and in Maharishi Vedic City, called the Invincible America Assembly. The unexplainable drop in crime in America may be a result of these groups. See Declining US violent crime baffles authorities, but not the Transcendental Meditators in Iowa http://wp.me/pD0BA-31v, Explanation to Steady Decline in Major Crime http://wp.me/pD0BA-2vP, and Group Meditations Reduce Crime, As Predicted http://wp.me/pD0BA-1gD. Also see The Huffington Post article, posted: 9/11/11: 9/11: Have We Overlooked the Most Effective Way to Prevent Terrorism and War? http://huff.to/xvPZkt.


  2. Pat Spahr Says:

    8,000 all in one place at one time? That is really something. So you mention these groups from the 1980s. That was a long time ago? Are they still there today? There must be a lot more by now. How many are there? And has it reached that square root? Thank you for the long answer and many details.


    • Ken Chawkin Says:

      Yes, it was amazing! Currently, we are maintaining a group large enough to achieve the square root of 1% of the US population, which is around 1750. We’re wanting to have 2000 morning and evening, with the intention of getting 2500 in the AM and PM. Then we would see dramatic changes in this country. The combined numbers come from groups here in Fairfield, on the campus of Maharishi University of Management, and neighboring Maharishi Vedic City, both in Iowa.

      Oprah came here recently to meditate with the ladies in one of the golden domes. She’s planning a show on her Next Chapter on OWN sometime in March. You can read more about it on my blog. Oprah writes in O Mag about her visit to TM Town and meditating with ladies in their Golden Dome http://wp.me/D0BA.

      Did you check the Huffington Post article and press releases I added at the bottom of my reply to you? That should explain more about it. We also have a larger group of Vedic Pandits at the Brahmasthan, or geographical center of India. There are over 2000 of them and hundreds more are arriving to build their numbers. The goal is to have a permanent group of at least 8000, even more. Should be an interesting year ahead as the numbers build in both countries!


  3. Pat Spahr Says:

    The “pain” Patanjali talks about in 2:16, where he expresses that, “Pain that has not yet come is avoidable.” is clarified in the sutra that immediately follows it, 2:17: “The cause of that avoidable pain is the union of the Seer (Purusha) and seen (Prakriti).” From this we understand how our world is experienced and how we always identify ourselves with what is seen. In the commentary of Sri Swami Satchidananda who sheds further light on our understanding by showing how, “You are the knower. You know everything. When you are happy you know you are happy. When you suffer you know you suffer…. When you… pull yourself out of the mire … your feelings will change greatly. You’ll be a different person.” He is showing us that the dukha is inside of us; not out there. Later on in the sutras, Patanjali gives clear instruction for alleviating this pain: in 2:33 (“Vitarka Badhane Pratipaksa Bhavanam”) it offers that, “When disturbed by negative thoughts, opposite (positive) ones should be thought of.” The threat is one of perception and we are ultimately the masters of our perception. Forgive me if I offer one additional correction but to accurately relate the quote you abbreviated above loses its full meaning. In 2:35 Patanjali writes, “Ahimsa Pratisthayam Tat Samnidhau Vaira Tyagah” : “In the presence of one firmly established in non-violence (ahimsa), all hostilities cease.” Your version is close but not quite true to its origin. And again is referring to self-actualization, not a group practice. Right? The enemy to which you are referring resides within.


    • Ken Chawkin Says:

      Pat, thank you for your erudite comments. I’m truly enjoying our conversation. I am not a Sanskrit scholar so thanks for the correct spelling.

      Translators and commentators interpret from their own level of consciousness. As for negative or positive thoughts, what you put your attention on grows strong within you. I am not talking about replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, but purifying the nervous system and the mind to naturally see things as they are and not make the mistake of the intellect, pragya aparadh, like seeing a snake in a string, causing heart palpitations.

      What we see, we become, and the world is as we are. So it is important to protect your fine feeling level. Do you know that story of the saint who only saw good in others and in everything he saw? A man wanted to test him and dragged a decaying dog on the path he knew the saint would be walking and waited for him to show up. When he did, he pointed to the carcass and complained how bad it was. The saint’s vision innocently fell on the gleaming pearly white tooth and pointed out how beautiful it was. The man realized he truly was a saint and apologized for his indiscretion.

      Some major principles of Maharishi’s Science of Creative Intelligence are: Knowledge is structured in consciousness, and Knowledge is different in different states of consciousness. Our essential nature is pure consciousness, turiya, the 4th major state of consciousness, where knower, rishi, process of knowing, devata, and the known, chhandas, exist in togetherness, Samhita. There are higher states of consciousness, 7 of them. We are talking about an evolution towards full enlightenment through the refinement of the nervous system.

      So, yes, you are right, we are talking about Self-realization, for the individual, and a more peaceful world. When practiced collectively, it creates a more powerful influence on those practicing TM in a group for their own enlightenment, and on those in the environment who don’t meditate, for world peace. This is the technology for both in one stroke. The influence is reciprocal. When we are established in that Unified Field of peace and harmony, stresses dissolve within us and without in the collective consciousness; hostilities cease, or wait at a distance. Same results that Patanjali predicted. This is true non-violence (ahimsa). And this “Maharishi Effect” has been scientifically proven in over 50 cases, with 23 published papers. It’s now a scientific fact. We have a technology to create enlightenment for the individual and world peace.

      Of course you don’t have to practice in a group if you don’t want to. By allowing the mind to transcend, to be, during the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique, we experience our essential nature and infuse that into our feeling, thinking, and behaving throughout the day. That experience enlivens total brain functioning creating a more relaxed coherent brain and less-stressed body, and as a consequence we perceive reality more clearly, take things as they come, and don’t react to stressful stimuli as before. A more poetic way of putting that I like is, when you transcend, the world surrenders. 🙂

      Here’s a poem I once wrote about this you might like: Seeing Is Being. http://wp.me/pD0BA-1Pb

      Recently, Oprah visited us to film a program on our meditating community for her Next Chapter on OWN, and she had a chance to meditate, do her TM, in the golden dome with hundreds of ladies. She published an account of her experiences in an article, What I Know for Sure, in her magazine. She had a “powerfully energizing yet calming experience” of deep inner stillness and “didn’t want it to end.” When it did, she “walked away feeling fuller than when I’d come in…full of hope, a sense of contentment, and deep joy.” She elaborates saying we all need to tap into and experience “the constancy of stillness” from where “you can create your best work and your best life,” even during “the daily craziness that bombards us from every direction.” You can read her article posted here: http://wp.me/pD0BA-434


    • Ken Chawkin Says:

      Guess I already mentioned Oprah in a previous reply. The thing is, Pat, to not be so concerned about the exact translation of Patanjali, but the application of the technology to bring about the transformation he speaks about. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi took those techniques and gave them life with his understanding by coming out with the TM-Sidhi program, and creating a situation where hundreds can practice them together in a group. That’s why he named the Men’s Golden Dome the Maharishi Patanjali Golden Dome of Pure Knowledge, where practitioners can experience for themselves that consciousness is a field of all possibilities.

      But since you’re interested in translations, here is an excellent one of Maharishi Patañjali Yoga Sutra by Thomas Egenes, which seems to have received rave reviews http://www.amazon.com/Maharishi-Pata%C3%B1jali-Yoga-Thomas-Egenes/dp/142189131X


  4. Lucky Luke Says:

    Dear Ken, in my previous comment I made a few mistakes, English is not my first language. Sorry!

    Very nice article just what I was looking for, thank you so much. Your answers to Pat show that you stay calm and friendly and provide him with the correct knowledge. I can really feel that you speak from your own experience and not just from intellectual knowledge that you gathered from books.

    with kind regards,

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ken Chawkin Says:

    See Maharishi describe the nature of inner life, bondage and liberation, and gaining bliss consciousness through Transcendental Meditation, in the 1968 CBC program, Telescope: Maharishi at Lake Louise, https://theuncarvedblog.com/2010/05/09/maharishi-describes-the-nature-of-inner-life-bondage-and-liberation-and-gaining-bliss-consciousness-through-transcendental-meditation/. I later posted the full show once it was available.


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