Coalescing Poetry: Creating a Uni-verse

(into seven haiku forms)
Creating a Universe

Poetry began
the process of creation
deep within itself

the first sound came from
a vowel in the bowel
of the universe

but it soon collapsed
choking on a consonant
with nowhere to go

looking to itself
it remembered what it was
and started dancing

tapping syllables
the sound fractured into forms
causing attraction

elements combined
into a cosmic language
sounding out all things

same thing with these words
as they break and make themselves
into poetry

© Ken Chawkin

For more details on this transformation, see this blog post with thoughts on language, translation, and creation.

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10 Responses to “Coalescing Poetry: Creating a Uni-verse”

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    […] In closing, here is a multiple-haiku poem I wrote on the creative process, after hearing Maharishi discuss how the Infinite, wanting to know it’s own nature, collapses to a point, and then refers back to itself. This self-referral process continuously goes on within the unmanifest Infinite source—a singularity containing the togetherness of all possibilities. This self-interacting dynamics sequentially creates the primordial sounds of nature’s language, the Veda, which reverberate and manifest into the whole universe, the unity of all diversities, Nature’s poetry creating a universe. See Coalescing Poetry: Creating a Uni-verse. […]


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