Solution to War

Published: // October 19,2009
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Letter to the Editor

Solution to War

Australia Needs a Defence System Beyond “Extended Deterrence”

It is such a pleasure to read such a carefully argued, well-written article on this topic which is so crucial to our survival and dear to our hearts.

Thank you, Newsblaze editors, for your excellent choice.

I encourage readers to look deeply into this, learn TM yourself to see for yourself the validity of what the authors say.

This solution to war has been well verified for over three decades now-every time a young life is lost, those who know the power of this solution weep twice; for the child and family, and for the failure to prevent the tragedy.

It is time for wide adoption of this technology that has shown it can turn off these conflicts in a matter of days, leaving the shattered areas free to organize a good life for the people.

It is highly cost-effective.

The military is already employing/deploying many times the number of people needed to create peace. Let some of them spend a little time each day creating peace!

Denise Denniston Gerace Ph.D.
The Transcendental Meditation program
2150 East Adams Street
Tucson, Arizona 85719
(520) 881-0110

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