An enlightening moment transformed into poetry

The perception of time is strange. Memories of certain events remain with us long after they’ve gone. They become part of our story. I still remember a unique experience I had over 20 years ago. I found the poem I had written about it trying to understand what was happening at that time. But first, a backgrounder on what led up to it.

Saturn (Shani) was exerting its influence during an Antardasha, or sub-period. I was also in the last third of a ​7.5 years-long period of Shani influencing my Moon (Chandra), which governs the mind and emotions. It is a challenging time known as Sade-Sati in eastern astrology. We go through this transit at least once or twice during our lifetime. The texts say that “persons under this influence are betrayed in their financial, personal, social and marital matters.” I often recalled what Nietzsche said about life’s suffering: “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”

My life wasn’t that bad, yet I had been under a lot of different pressures going nowhere. I was given the opportunity to join the Maharishi Purusha Program. It was something I had thought about, but life’s decisions had taken me in other directions. I reconsidered my current situation and decided to give it a try.

At one point the Maharishi Jyotish office offered astrology readings and recommended remedies for what might be coming down the proverbial karmic pipeline. This was something I had always wanted to do but could never afford to. Since I was on this special program for single men, the cost for the reading and remedy was more within reach. The main recommendation was to have a double level Maharishi Yagya done for both Shani influences. I decided to go for it, not knowing what to expect.

While an ancient Vedic performance was being conducted in India, I was feeling something in North Carolina! The experience was abstract, yet so real! The only way I could make any sense of it was to put it into words. This poem came out and surprisingly defined the moment for me.

Awake Before The Dawn

Another sun has risen
this morning
not one of light
but of wakefulness
I find myself
strangely silent inside
not feeling anything
but lightness
So this is what it’s like
to be alive
awake at last
to the Dawning of Eternity
Written on Saturday, July 10, 1999
In honor of my Shani Yagya
Ken Chawkin, SCA, Boone, NC

Aside from what Nietzsche said, having that Yagya and being on Purusha helped lighten the karmic load considerably!! Eleven months later I volunteered for a project and found myself in the exotic land of Indonesia. An unusual experience greeted me there early one morning. I woke myself up to write down this Indonesian Mystery Poem.

Interestingly, during that year abroad, I would spend time in 5 different countries: Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, and Australia. I later discovered that when I left Boone to travel to Jakarta, Jupiter (Guru) had started a 13-month transit across my 12th house, which indicated a loss of homeland. Amazing how this all works!

I’m currently undergoing a Maharishi Yagya for an upcoming major Mars period, Mangal Mahadasha. It brought up memories from that time at the Spiritual Center of America where I wrote this poem and the journey that would later unfold. Another incredible story that would take volumes!

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2 Responses to “An enlightening moment transformed into poetry”

  1. Donna Warwick Says:

    What a fascinating and inspiring blog post. The truth of life is presented through the great teacher! I’ve heard it said that Shani takes but always gives back in the end. Your poem reveals a gift of Shani! We all want those moments but Venusian blessing are more sparkly. Sometime we are attracted for goodness but sometimes illusions.
    I like how you took a high road in a special time and you were not only blessed with the experience of Being but the Earthly words to describe the essence to others.
    Really a great way of sharing, Ken. Thanks for this!

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    • Ken Chawkin Says:

      Thanks, Donna. You’re right about Shani giving back after taking what you had. Interesting that you should mention Venus. I was in a Venus-Shani dasha! I left those kinds of pleasures behind for something transcendent. In ‘The Greatness of Saturn: A Therapeutic Myth‘ by Robert Svoboda, a great king is put to the test by Shani himself who appears in his court during a debate as to which planetary lord was the most powerful. Things would soon go south for the king, and he finds himself fleeing his kingdom ending up in poverty with worse things happening to him. He is humbled and learns his lessons as he works on an olive press, singing beautiful slokas. A local king tries to marry off his daughter, but the princess only wants to meet the man who sings those songs. They meet and she falls in love with this physically broken man. He reveals himself to her and she sees him for who he really is. He is soon visited by Shani who heals him and returns him to his former stature. He marries the princess and ends up with more gifts than he had lost. It’s a great story, definitely worth reading if you’re going through a difficult time. I met Robbie in Vancouver. I was having my chart read by his friend, the Canadian Jyotishi, Hart De Fouw. I should tell you about that sometime. His prediction about a special relationship would manifest years later. As planned, I had left Vancouver shortly after that to join Purusha in Boone, NC. What an adventure we’re on!


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