WINTER HAIKU written by Ken for Sali his muse

Sitting with Sali on a cold winter Sunday afternoon at Parkview Care Center, looking out the window of her room at the powdered snow being blown off the white roofs in swirls. At one point, with the sun shining through in front of us, you could almost see a rainbow; only it was a snowbow! Made that up. We laughed. I had been in a rough mood, but what I saw, and the spontaneous playful art of composing a haiku, transformed me. The second and third lines came out first, and the first line last. I changed wind blows to winds blow to rhyme with snow. The rhythms, rhymes and meanings of the words sort of sound like what we saw. They’re powerful. Say them aloud a few times and see what happens. Sali seemed to like it. I love it! it’s fun! Here’s the poem.


The winter winds blow
Swirling whirling dervishes
Of powdery snow

© Ken Chawkin
Feb 9, 2014
Fairfield, Iowa

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2 Responses to “WINTER HAIKU written by Ken for Sali his muse”

  1. Margot Says:

    I did read it a few times and loved it. What a beautiful picture = swirling whirling snow dervishes…. thanks. It lifted up my mood as well!

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