Another Fall Haiku

Another Fall Haiku

The wind is blowing
Leaves on the ground are running
Winter is coming


Another Fall Haiku
(2nd version)

Cold winds are blowing
Fall leaves are running … running
Winter is coming

© Ken Chawkin
November 6, 2011
Fairfield, Iowa

See The Fall in Five Haiku and 13 Ways to Write Haiku: A Poet’s Dozen

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3 Responses to “Another Fall Haiku”

  1. Ruth Guillard Says:

    Re: Haiku…Winter came and went in New England last week…snow!
    Loved your explanation of how the Uncarved Blog was named.

    Autumn haiku from my book RECONNECTIONS:

    White November skies
    Rusted oak leaves rattling down
    Brown earth awaits snow

    Happy Autumn!

    Ruth Guillard


  2. Paul Stokstad Says:

    The fall arriving
    with blowing leaves, for Kenny
    contains the winter


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