Jeffrey Abramson: Transcending Green

Jeffrey Abramson: Transcending Green

Jeffrey Abramson gave an excellent speech on the value of Vedic architecture at the May, 2011 Garrison Institute’s Symposium on Climate, Buildings, and Behavior. In addition to constructing a LEED platinum certified office building, Jeffrey wanted to go beyond green, and incorporated Vedic architectural design principles in The Tower Companies new head office at 2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard in Rockville, MD. The Tower Companies mission is to create eco-progressive spaces that transcend traditional approaches to the built environment.

Employees spend many long hours at work and represent a major cost in running any business. In his talk, Jeffery explains why it makes good business sense to invest in the health and well-being of his employees by not only providing a work environment built in accord with natural law, but also offering them the Transcendental Meditation program. These progressive approaches helped reduce stress, improved morale, increased output, reduced health insurance costs, and improved the company’s bottom line. Below is the video and description posted by the Garrison Institute.

Uploaded by GarrisonInstitute on Jul 1, 2011
At the Garrison Institute’s 2011 Climate, Buildings and Behavior Symposium, Jeffrey Abramson of Tower Companies describes his company’s building practice rooted in Vedic architecture. He posed the question, can we get people to think and act in a way that is spontaneously in accord with natural law by employing architecture and design that is in accord with natural law?

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