Sitting with Sally: 5-haiku poem

Sitting with Sally
(5-haiku poem)

Sitting with Sally
After moments of madness
Then freedom from fear

Sitting quietly
Our hearts and minds are settled
The soul is nourished

Stillness saturates
Every tissue with comfort
Our world is at peace

It feels like being
In a deep meditation
Too silent to speak

Fulfilling moments
Just resting here together
And we are thankful

© Ken Chawkin
April 9-13+16+18, 2011
Fairfield, Iowa

Also see An Unwanted Guest and Two Love Tanka.

I wrote an earlier poem, Rage Against the Disease, but never posted it.

Aside from deleting a few repetitive words over a few days of writing this poem, and moving them around, a last entry, the first stanza/haiku, turned out to be an honest expression and addition to this now 5-haiku poem, and sets it up more realistically, and therefore more powerfully. Who knows, there may be yet another stanza that shows up, but for now, this is how it reads.

5 Responses to “Sitting with Sally: 5-haiku poem”

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  2. Margot Suettmann Says:

    I love this poem and want to post it on Facebook if I may. I could post a link.


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