An Unwanted Guest

An Unwanted Guest

When you came to live with me
You brought an unwanted guest
He took over both our lives
To the point you had to leave

Now I visit you … and he’s
Still there ruling over you
No longer a tenant but
A landlord demanding rent

And we pay him with our lives
His name is Dementia

Ken Chawkin
June 19, 2010
Fairfield, Iowa

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8 Responses to “An Unwanted Guest”

  1. Chris Wege Says:

    Dear Ken,

    Loud, clear and powerful! My father too has a little of this unwanted guest!



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    • Ken Chawkin Says:

      Dear Chris,

      Thank you for this feedback. Much appreciated. I was told to share that poem with others who might be in a similar situation. We’re all paying our dues, one way or another. All we really have is our Self, really, in the long run. We leave the rest behind and move on to something better.



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