New film by Richard Beymer on David Lynch Following His Master’s Footsteps Throughout India

You are Invited to a Sneak Preview

Richard Beymer’s Stunning New Film from India
“David Lynch Follows His Master’s Footsteps”

Saturday, October 9 • 7:30 pm
Dalby Hall, Argiro Center • Maharishi University of Management

$10 General Admission • $5 Students

Tickets can be purchased at MUM Bookstore & Flying Leap Art Space

All proceeds go to the Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment

Be in your seat promptly at 7:30 p.m!
There will be no seating once the film begins!

In December 2009, David Lynch retraced Maharishi’s travels across India in the years before Maharishi inaugurated his Spiritual Regeneration Movement in 1957. Richard Beymer’s stunning new documentary follows David up into the Himalayas, to Jyotir Math, where Maharishi spent much of 13 years with his teacher, Guru Dev; and to Uttar Kashi, where Maharishi spent two years in silence following the passing of Guru Dev in 1953. We go with David to Jabalpur, near the birthplace of Maharishi; and to Ramashram, Kanyakumari, and Trivendrum–all rare and special sites integral to the founding of Maharishi’s movement. Richard’s filmmaking is artful, magnificent, and captures the behind-the-scenes look and feel as David and his traveling buddy, Bob Roth, make their way with awe, humor, and dogged persistence to each new destination. See David Lynch at his best: wise, funny, insightful, and inspired.


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