KTVO News: Solar power at Maharishi University

Solar power at Maharishi University

by Matt Buhrman

With a flip of the switch, solar power is taking over one construction site in the Heartland.

FAIRFIELD, IOWA — Fairfield Mayor Ed Malloy and State Representative Curt Hanson (D-Fairfield), officially started the solar electricity of the Utility Cottage at Maharishi University on Thursday afternoon.

The renewable energy will be used to power all the equipment needed to complete construction on the university’s new Sustainable Living Center (SLC).

The SLC will set a new standard for green building in America by being completely off the grid with respect to electricity, heating and cooling, water, and waste…and it is the first of its kind on any campus in the world.

“As much as we are very excited about what we mark today, we know that in the very near future this will be commonplace. But let this building be a great demonstration model in the meantime to show others how this is done,” Mayor Malloy said.

“Use this as a learning tool and learn from the experiments that are taking place in this building, and perhaps get more of us off the power grid, more of us off foreign oil, more of us energy efficient,” Representative Hanson said.

The SLC will serve students in the university’s Sustainable Living major. Among its features, the building will have classrooms and workshops.

“I know that our future leaders that will really influence education, politics, and society at large are going to be studying and training in this building, at this university. And for that we are very fortunate, and I am very proud,” Mayor Malloy said.

“Hopefully it’s going to be studied by a lot of engineers all over the United States and maybe we can export some of these ideas to the whole nation. So I’m very happy to be here and learn more about this cutting-edge technology,” Representative Hanson added.

Also recognized on Thursday afternoon were students and other community leaders who played a major role in this green initiative.

Video is courtesy of KTVO Television and heartlandconnection.com

Solar Energy to Power Completion of MUM’s Sustainable Living Center

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