PATH LIGHTS debuts on DLF.TV for one week

On location, left to right: Xander Berkeley, Sarah Utterback, director Zachary Sluser, lead actor John Hawkes.

Director Zachary Sluser has turned Tom Drury’s New Yorker short story into a short film now debuting on David Lynch Foundation Television. It is up for one week only, from December 2-9, 2009. After this showing, it will be presented at film festivals in 2010.

I highly recommend watching the short film, and the 3-part Behind The Scenes series on the making of this film. Some of the staff at DLF.TV were invited to film and interview the people involved in the making of this short feature—actors and crew. Very inspiring. Gives you a deeper insight and appreciation for these fine young filmmakers from MSAE, MUM, Fairfield, and their LA friends working on set. The value of TM is also mentioned. The bliss generated by everyone dedicating themselves to the project, for free, is special, and DLF.TV was able to capture it—a great example of what this young and vibrant new online TV channel is all about—celebrating consciousness, creativity and bliss. Catch the wave:

Path Lights, introduced at the Woodstock Film Festival, has now been selected for the international competition at the 32nd Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, Jan. 29-Feb.6, 2010 in south-central France. It’s the premiere short film festival (they screen short films exclusively) in the world and the second largest film festival in France after, Cannes.  Over 5100 short films were submitted and there are usually around 75 international (non-French) short films in competition. Very exciting.

Following that acceptance was news that Path Lights has been invited to participate in the 39th International Rotterdam Film Festival, which will take place January 27–February 7, 2010. Rotterdam is probably the 4th major film festival after Cannes, Berlin, and Venice.    …. more to come ….

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Oh, Tom Drury, how I love thee.

UPDATE: Path Lights is now available on Vimeo:

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