Pirene’s Fountain: Feature Interview: Iowa Poet Rustin Larson

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Rustin Larson

Any given Sunday or Monday, if your radio’s tuned to KRUU 100.1 in Fairfield, Iowa, you’ll catch Rustin Larson hosting his talk show with the quirky-hip title: “Irving Toast, Poetry Ghost.” With an eye on creating a venue for poets, Larson spent several years in magazine publishing, but the venture ran its course. Still looking to showcase writers, he met with the KRUU station manager, who gave him free reign. “Irving” (the spirit of poetry who lives in the hearts of all) hit the airwaves in April 2008, and features live readings and interviews with new and established poets.

A published poet and writer himself, the five-time Pushcart nominee has authored three poetry collections, Loving the Good Driver (Mellen Poetry Press, 1996) Crazy Star (Loess Hills Books, 2005) and most recently–The Wine-Dark House (1st World Publishing, 2009). His work has appeared in The New Yorker, The Iowa Review, North American Review, Poetry East, Atlanta Review and others.

Mr. Larson credits a high school creative writing class for piquing his interest and serving as a catalyst for future endeavors in the field. He received his B.A. in Literature from Maharishi International University in Fairfield Iowa, an M.F.A. in Writing from Vermont College of Norwich University in Montpelier, Vermont, and has taught writing in a variety of settings.
In 2000 he won the Editor’s Prize from Rhino Magazine, and has also received awards for his poetry from the National Poet Hunt and the Chester H. Jones Foundation. He was an Iowa Poet at the Des Moines National Poetry Festival in 2002 and 2004, and featured writer in the DMACC Celebration of the Literary Arts in 2007 and 2008. Prior to launching his own popular show, Larson’s work had been highlighted on the public radio shows, “Live from Prairie Lights” and “Voices from the Prairie.”

Click here to read this wonderful review and samples of Rustin’s poetry, and interview, as he discusses his experiences as a student, poet, editor, teacher, blogger, and talk show host. Read more about Rustin in these interviews and poetry book reviews at The Iowa Source.

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2 Responses to “Pirene’s Fountain: Feature Interview: Iowa Poet Rustin Larson”

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    […] Thanks to Iowa poet and editor Rustin Larson for selecting Sanctifying Morning, which was later included in Carrying […]


  2. Norman Zierold: Hollywood biographer, novelist, TM Teacher, member of Maharishi’s Purusha program, raconteur, publicist, beloved by all | The Uncarved Blog Says:

    […] Rustin Larson, published poet and MUM librarian, interviewed Norman Zierold on the publication of his book, That Reminds Me, A Conversational Memoir. Enjoy this interview, which took place in the MUM Library. There is a short separate introduction by librarian Suzanne Vesely. Both videos were posted March 2, 2013 on mumlibrary. Margot Suettmann posted a link to this video on Facebook when she found out about Norman’s passing. She also posted a lovely comment there about Norman that captures him perfectly. I’ve included them both below. […]


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