Poetry—The Art of The Voice

Poetry—The Art of The Voice

How fine will your breath become
from listening to these words?
How soft will they seem to be
as they settle through the mind
like silent snowflakes falling
from a windless winter sky?

I often marvel at the mystery—
how words can work
on a listener’s heart and mind,
upon hearing a poet’s thoughts,
a poet’s breath, flowing
from an inner voice—
a windless wind, speaking
through a voiceless voice.

—Ken Chawkin

This poem was published in THIS ENDURING GIFT, A Flowering of Fairfield Poetry, 76 Poets Who Found Common Ground in One Small Prairie Town:, and later selected as the POEM OF THE DAY: Poetry – The Art of the Voice, by Ken Chawkin.

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2 Responses to “Poetry—The Art of The Voice”

  1. Darlyne Says:

    Very nice! It is always nice to have another place to refer people to who are interested in TM. Is this also available on facebook?


    • kenchawkin Says:

      Thank you, that was the intention. Other than emailing articles, this is the only form of social media I’m using. Don’t have a Facebook account. I’m a novice! :–)


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