Transformed—my first haiku

(my first haiku)

Caterpillars spin
increments of commitment;
Butterflies fly free!

© Ken Chawkin

Published in The Dryland Fish, An Anthology of Contemporary Iowa Poets, 2003, as 13 Ways to Write Haiku: A Poet’s Dozen.

Written around 25 years later, In the Parkview Cave, seems relevant here.

Watch this NOVA documentary: The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies.

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5 Responses to “Transformed—my first haiku”

  1. Pablo Saborio Says:

    not bad at all, keep at it!


    • kenchawkin Says:

      Thank you. I wrote that haiku almost 20 years ago now, and have composed many more since then, even some tanka, and the natural extension into renga. Love the challenge of compactifying language within certain constraints in order to precisely say more with less. Even wrote a haiku about that. May post it some time.


    • Ken Chawkin Says:

      Here is that haiku I promised: Art of the Haiku by Ken Chawkin


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