Nikita Gill highlights the difference between Temporary and Permanent people in our life

Click twice to enlarge and read this poem by Nikita Gill.

“A few are as permanent as love is old.” Wise words from this young poet! They ring true; go deep. Some of us may be blessed to have such people in our lives. Maybe we are that person for someone. Either way, it’s a blessing.

I was lucky to have been in a committed relationship with a special lady in my life, and was there for her, right up to her last breath, and beyond. Even though she passed away four years ago tonight (Oct 1, 2016), the love remains.

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For more info on Nikita Gill visit her Wiki, Facebook, and Amazon pages.

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2 Responses to “Nikita Gill highlights the difference between Temporary and Permanent people in our life”

  1. Margot Suettmann Says:

    Really appreciated this and felt very lucky to be reminded on this special day of your wonderful love for Sali today and during her precious, well-spent lifetime on Earth on Sali’s day when she was released from the cage of her body to enjoy what she so deserved to enjoy – FREEDOM AND HEAVENLY BLISS, I am sure she will be there for you as well and make sure you have the most loving and heartfelt welcome when the moment to ascend to Heaven comes for you. In the meantime, we are enjoying you, all the special laws of nature that are so expressed in you, and wouldn’t want to miss you for a beat right now. Even though lockdown and other reasons keep us a bit separate, you are such an important and cherished ingredient in the soup of our community and without it, the soup wouldn’t be as savory, hearty, and nourishing anymore. It is a strange thing that although one does not see each other a lot, every individual – and particularly also you, ken – matters “in the grand wholeness of things” in a very concrete way. Sending heartfelt best wishes on Sali’s special Moksha day and all you did to make her go confidently and joyfully to it. You are our hero in love affairs. Seeing your loving service made a great difference in all of our lives. JGD

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