Sali’s Shakti (a two-tanka poem)

Sali’s Shakti
(a two-tanka poem)

They say your power
Used to shine…from your bright mind
Now…it’s through your heart

From you…flow Beauty and Grace
Love lights…in your eyes and face

How does this happen…
That I love you even more…
You fulfill my heart…

This force that draws…me…to you
Wants to make…a One…from two

© Ken Chawkin
March 12/13, 2012
Fairfield, Iowa, USA

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6 Responses to “Sali’s Shakti (a two-tanka poem)”

  1. Paul Stokstad Says:

    leading with the heart

    that formerly was
    just the light
    behind the mind

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  2. Rannie Boes Says:

    Sali’s Shakti will shine forever
    through her soul-power,
    sweetness and simplicity


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    • Ken Chawkin Says:

      Thank you, Rani.

      I’m not exaggerating in my description.
      You’re right, it’s overwhelmingly powerful!
      Wish you were here to see her.
      I’ll share your comments with her.



  3. Ken Chawkin Says:

    I am reading this poem again, 5 years from one of the days it was written. Even though she passed Oct 1, 2016, Sali still inspires me. I miss her, but my love for her never diminishes. Here’s a new poem:

    Haiku for Her

    You gave me a taste
    Of true Love and Unity
    For Eternity

    © Ken Chawkin
    March 12, 2017
    Fairfield, Iowa, USA

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    […] On March 12, I added a new poem for Sali, Haiku for Her, inspired by one I wrote five years earlier on that same date, a two-tanka poem, Sali’s Shakti. […]


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