Could The Key To Health And Happiness Be Restoring A ‘Lost’ State Of Consciousness?

The Key To Health And Happiness:
A ‘Lost’ State of Consciousness?

VIDEO by Fred Travis: “The Transcending Brain”

Here are a few excerpts from an enlightening article posted: 7/15/11 on Huffington Post/AOL Healthy Living by , writer for the David Lynch Foundation and 25-year teacher of Transcendental Meditation:

“Life happens within the realm of three, ever-changing phases: waking, dreaming and sleep. Yet most of us intuit that there’s more to human consciousness than what we ordinarily experience.

Scientists have long known that each of the three major states of consciousness has its own distinct style of physiology and brain activity.

Could there be a fourth major state of consciousness that likewise has its own physiological signature and brain pattern, a state that’s been overlooked or forgotten?

What if the loss of this state were the cause for much of what ails us — personally and collectively?

“Sages throughout history, from Laozi to Emerson, have sung the praises of this exalted “lost” state…


You are invited to comment and share this article with friends! You can also “fan” Jeanne by clicking next to her photo above the Huffington Post article and sign up for emails as new articles appear. Jeanne and her husband Tom Ball teach the TM Program in Asheville, NC.  You can follow them on Twitter: and Facebook: This excellent article is also posted on their website as: An Undiscovered State of Consciousness?

One Response to “Could The Key To Health And Happiness Be Restoring A ‘Lost’ State Of Consciousness?”

  1. Ken Chawkin Says:

    May the fourth be with you!


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