Meital Dohan, host of Loud Miracles, interviews Stephen Hopson, author of Obstacle Illusions

Deaf, Living Life, and Surprising Everyone

Meital Dohan talks to Stephen Hopson, a former Wall Street stockbroker who’s deaf handicap pushed him to work harder than the rest. They discuss his school life growing up, along with how he got the job on Wall Street plus how his work drive and passion made him a highly recognized broker. They talk about why he gave that all up to be a motivational speaker and how miracles played a role in his life. This episode features music from Geela’s Album, The Veil of Life. The interview is now posted on SoundCloud.

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Meital has moved on but her interviews are posted on SoundCloud.

More about Stephen Hopson
Stephen has been profoundly deaf since birth but that hasn’t stopped him! His mother taught him to speak at home and sent him to public school. When he was five, Stephen told his parents he would become a pilot and was dismissed as being foolish, but as an adult made aviation history by becoming the world’s first deaf instrument-rated pilot in 2006.

Stephen is a former Wall Street stockbroker where he won numerous sales awards and recognition in the coveted Executive Club three years in a row. In less than 4 years, he increased personal sales 1,700%. While in this position, he built and managed multi-million dollar investment portfolios for wealthy clients.

Stephen is a man of intense passion who is known as a risk-taker with a capital R. In 1996, he stunned his family, friends and colleagues by giving up a lucrative six-figure Wall Street career to follow his divine calling of becoming an inspirational speaker and author. At that time, he had not spoken to a live audience since graduating from college 15 years earlier nor did he have any writing credentials.

You can find out more about about Stephen Hopson at his website: To learn more about his book, visit the landing page for Obstacle Illusions: For other articles and interviews on Stephen posted on this blog, click here.

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